Inspired by India at MassArt

I’ve seen some great exhibitions at the MassArt galleries, and two new shows opening this coming Monday look just as fascinating. From September 28-December 5, the Bakalar & Paine Galleries present the work of international contemporary artists inspired by India. The exhibitions, as well as the opening reception on Monday from 6-8pm, are free and open to the public!

Laura McPhee. Boys Playing Carom in the Courtyard of a Rest House for Pilgrims, Seth Ram Kumar Bangur Dharamshala, North Kolkata, 2009. Archival pigment print. Courtesy of the artist and Carroll and Sons, Boston.

The first exhibition, entitled ‘Seeing the Elephant,’ is based on an Indian story within which people describe an elephant, each focusing on a different part: the trunk, the ears, the legs – all the descriptions are true although they feel at odds. In a similar way, India is a massive country full of contradictions and complexities. The show presents photography, drawing, video, and sound aiming to capture various views of India.

Güler Ates. Eternal Maharana and She (II), 2013. Archival digital print. Courtesy of the artist.

‘Looking In/Looking Out: Contemporary Indian Photography from the Gaur Collection’ brings together the work of 19 photographers exploring themes of gender, class, globalism, cultural hybridity, and diaspora in the subcontinent. Works include one of Rashid Rana’s composite images, which highlight tradition and change through the juxtaposition of contradictions in visual culture. (Considered one of Pakistan’s most prominent artists, he actually received a MFA from MassArt in 1997!)

massartRashid Rana. Ommatidia III (Shah Rukh Khan), 2004. Digital Chromogenic print mounted in Diasec.

Find out more on the MassArt website. Hope to see you there!

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