An Update from the Third Trimester


I cannot believe that I am more than 38 weeks into this pregnancy! While most likely I still have a few weeks left, it is wild to know that this little one could make her appearance at anytime — the past few days I have been trying to get things ready just in case she comes soon! The bassinet is bought, the tiny clothes are washed, the glider made it into the nursery (not easy in our little Beacon Hill apartment!). I am definitely starting to feel some nerves about the birth itself, but I am trying to stay confident and relaxed about it. The whole idea is so crazy, plus the fact that in a matter of weeks we will be figuring out life with a newborn!

A few months ago, I wrote a post detailing my favorite things for the first trimester. Now that I’m approaching the end of pregnancy, I thought I would check in with some of the other items that have been helpful during this time.

Getting Dressed. I waited longer than I should have to buy actual maternity clothes, and spent a few months wearing my baggier outfits. Once I finally bought some dedicated maternity items, I regretted not doing it sooner! So much more flattering and comfortable! Plus, I found even with a small bump, maternity clothes help you to look pregnant, while larger clothes just made me feel unkempt. I didn’t buy very many pieces, but they made such a difference! Some of my favorites have been this AMAZING Splendid dress from Shopbop (stretchy black jersey, dress up/dress down, go anywhere, feels like pajamas!) and dresses from Seraphine (this one for a wedding, this one in black and white, this one). I also loved this pair of AG jeans (crazy expensive, but they were the best I found and I bought only one pair of pants), a few of these super comfy tanks, Hyde yoga shorts, and flat sandals (especially these and these). For underneath, I love these – so comfortable!

Skin Care. I don’t think any cream can really prevent stretch marks if you are genetically prone to them, but I have found that this balm from Cerave is  really soothing and reasonably priced — and no marks yet! In pregnancy, skin is more sensitive to the sun, so I tried to be a bit more vigilant about protection this summer. I like this sunscreen for the face, and this hat is a favorite.

Staying Calm. While I am so excited to become a parent, I am pretty nervous about the whole thing too! My husband and I took a ‘hypnobirthing’ course at Newton-Wellesley Hospital, and it was so helpful. I also love the Hypnobirthing book – a little cheesy but the method makes a lot of sense. It centers around staying as calm as possible using visualization, breathing techniques, and deep relaxation. It’s maybe a little crazy, but I’ve also been continuing with regular yoga classes and just modifying — at this point I’ve been modifying a lot to account for the belly and increased relaxin, so I’m not sure if this is something I would recommend to someone less familiar with yoga. I love this Shiva Rea prenatal yoga dvd to use at home – there are demonstrators for each of the three trimesters, and the program is so relaxing. I also purchased the Daily Essentials download from the Spinning Babies website, and I’ve found it really helpful. These are exercises to help your baby get into an optimal position, tips on posture, sleeping, and more, plus a short yoga session built on the exercises. Lastly, pediatrician Harvey Karp has written a book on what he calls the ‘fourth trimester,’ the first three months of life within which babies are so immature that they are soothed by being treated almost like fetuses (swaddling, shushing, jiggling, etc). While the book describes how to soothe and care for a small babe, I found his writing style soothing myself, and it was such a great book to read before bed!

Friends and Family. Pregnancy is so often illustrated in our society as a blissful, glowing time. I’ve found it to have plenty of bliss, but also a fair share of worry, aches and pains, and heightened emotions, especially once I got into the third trimester. Thinking about this next stage makes me so grateful for my own family and close friends, who have been so supportive even when I might be acting just a little bit crazy! ;) Can’t wait to see them snuggle with this babe on her arrival!

Image Credit: Daniel Bahcheli



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  1. Mathilde says:

    Good luck with everything! Love the dress, enjoy your last weeks of pregnancy,

  2. Lani says:

    You look amazing Laura! Third trimester totally agrees with you. And your outlook is calm + relaxed, exactly what you need to prep for babe’s arrival. Best of luck!!

    • Laura says:

      Thanks so much, Lani! You looked so great all throughout – I loved your bump dressing! :) And your new little guy is so adorable — I hope the first few weeks have gone well! Hope to see you soon!! xo

  3. Kate says:

    Aww, congrats — pregnancy looks amazing on you! Super cute dresses, too!