Pastoral in Fort Point


So many new restaurants have opened in Fort Point over the past few years, and Pastoral is one of my favorites. The pizza oven comes from Naples, and turns out delicious pizza and amazing roastedĀ vegetable dishes (like kale with salsa verde or brussels sprouts with parmesan). They have gluten-free pasta (which I have not tried), as well as GLUTEN FREE PIZZA. For people who can’t eat regular delicious breads and pizzas, this is a big, big deal. (In the picture below, the Margherita towards the back is the one with the gluten-free crust. It reminds me of a chewy chapati: not the same as gluten-y pizza but delicious none-the-less.)


A new discovery is how kid-friendly this spot is at lunch! When my husband and I were out with the baby at 4 weeks old, we passed by while she was napping and popped in for lunch. Looking around, we realized that there were kids at almost every table! The menu seems to be a hit with the babes as well. Give it a try the next time you are craving a slice.


Image Credit: Laura Chassaigne

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