An East Boston Brunch at Maverick Marketplace Cafe


This is a guest post from Alexa Johnson, a local blogger, who writes about style (we love her fashion roundups!), travel, and beauty. 

Many people aren’t familiar with the hidden treasures found in East Boston. Growing up in the area, I knew about all of the delicious food that was there but it wasn’t until I moved to East Boston myself that I discovered what the small neighborhood had to offer.

I wanted to share my experience at Maverick Marketplace Café, a small, cozy brunch spot located right next to Maverick T station. When you first walk in, you see small boutiques to the left and right, while straight ahead is Maverick Marketplace Café. The owner was very welcoming, and I think he could tell it was my first time there. There was a piano in the corner so I knew they had live music on certain nights (click here for schedule), craft beer, and pastries. I immediately knew I would love this place. I was super nervous it was going to be one of those restaurants they didn’t cater to people who can’t consume dairy, so I was happy to see that they also had almond milk!


I ordered the breakfast bomb sandwich with bacon and cheddar cheese. It was so good! My boyfriend got the grande breakfast plate. The meal consisted of two sausages, two pieces of french toast, eggs and homefries. If you’re ever in a bind for brunch plans I suggest you hop on the blue line and enjoy Maverick Marketplace Café.

Yum! Thanks for the tip, Alexa.

 Image credit: Alexa Johnson

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