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The solution to homelessness is way too simplified. We often think that if we can create more jobs and help people re-enter the workforce, then they’d be able to get back on their feet. Missing from this equation is the acknowledgement of thousands of people who are elderly and homeless. 

I recently met the CEO of Hearth, Inc., a Boston nonprofit dedicated to the elimination of homelessness among the elderly. Each holiday season since 2004, Hearth, Inc., along with Friends of Boston’s Homeless, run a program called Hearth Shares, which aims to provide comfort and hope to people who live on the streets and in city shelters. To support the initiative, local restaurants have teamed up with Hearth Shares to add an optional donation of $1 or more to their bill. Donations are used to support the work of Hearth, Inc. and Friends of Boston’s Homeless, who are providing permanent solutions to homelessness through services and affordable housing.

The program offers restaurant goers the opportunity to easily add a voluntary donation of $1 or more to their bill. Launched in 2014, the program has raised $80,000 to provide support for the Boston area homeless community. Supported by Citizens Bank, 100% of proceeds from Hearth Shares will benefit Hearth, Friends of Boston’s Homeless and a select group of other nonprofits working to end homelessness in the Boston community.

Participating restaurants include 80 Thoreau, Aquitaine Boston, The Beehive, Blue Dragon, Blue Ginger, Brasserie Jo, Gaslight Brasserie, South End Buttery, Sweet Basil, Waban Kitchen. Check out the full list of participating restaurants here. Hearth Shares runs through December 25th, so as you’re out enjoying this holiday season, think about the big impact you can make with just a small donation!

You might be wondering how your donation can help…

– $2 can provide someone a pair of warm socks during the cold winter.

–  $5 can provide someone a warm hat or pair of mittens.

– $10 can provide someone a hot and nutritious meal.

– $50 can provide someone with a warm winter coat.

– $250 can provide someone a bed, a place to rest.

Image courtesy of Hearth Shares.

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