Intentions and a New Year


There are certain moments that invite contemplation, a cataloguing of things done and not done, a listing of resolutions. For me, this is that season, with my birthday and New Year’s Day only two weeks apart. There are some resolutions it feels like I make every year (stop running 5 minutes late so often, etc) and then others particular to that place in life. It’s always been something I relish – even when I feel a bit disappointed about goals not met, there is still the promise of what I will do with the fresh new year.

However, these past few months adjusting to life with this little babe have me thinking differently this year. She’ll be 3 months old mid-January (wow – that happened so fast!), and especially during the first two months, just keeping us fed, bathed, soothed, and clothed was enough to completely fill the day (and night). Nothing else on the list would ever get done, and I eventually grew to accept the idea that some days, just camping out on the couch to nurse and snuggle the babe, and maybe watch a few episodes of TV on Netflix, was good enough, and in its own way absolutely wonderful. To stop thinking of getting anything done, to let go of plans and the next thing on the agenda, and just be right here in this moment and ENJOY it was such a welcome change in perspective!

Now that Serena is a bit older, we are out and about more often, but this New Year’s I realized I didn’t want to create any resolutions that were about getting things done or affecting change, but rather trying to settle into just enjoying life as it is, even the days where nothing gets crossed off the list, things don’t get put away, and papers stack up. Because this face makes my heart melt, and I know that this time when snuggling is her main need will be a short and precious season of my life.


Wishing you all a happy new year, whether you are creating resolutions or not, and whether your plans for 2016 are big or small. xo

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