Winter Beauty: Keeping Dry Skin Happy


The transition from sunny skies and warm temps to cold, dry weather can wreak havoc on us emotionally and physically. It always takes me a few weeks to adjust to shorter days and the necessity for gloves and a hat. My skin (and hair) are also adjusting to the dry air and changes in temperature, and it often takes me a little while to not feel itchy and scaly all over. Over the years, I’ve figured out a few tried-and-true tricks that really can make a huge difference on winter skin…

A good scrub. It’s feels indulgent to pull out a body scrub all year round, but my skin is especially thankful for the extra love in the winter. I like to choose (or make!) a scrub that is both effective in sloughing off dry skin and also smells amazing. This one is my favorite, especially for morning showers when I can use an extra boost to wake up.

Drink up. I know it starts to feel redundant, but drinking water is so good for you. I have a love affair with water because 1) I am constantly thirsty, 2) I love the way it makes me feel, and 3) it definitely makes my skin less prone to irritation and breakouts. If I want to spice things up a bit, I love to mix cranberry juice with sparkling water and a wedge of lime. Bring on the H2O!

Body oils. My skin is really dry. I have tried so many lotions (and oils) and it took me awhile to finally find something that wouldn’t make my skin crawl only minutes after application. It’s tricky to find something that sinks into your skin quickly, but still works! A few months ago, I started putting this oil all over my body while still in the shower (oils absorb better if your skin is damp). The few days that I haven’t been in my own shower to use this oil, I’ve really noticed! Yes, it might be marketed towards pregnant women, but the ingredients make it a great oil for any dry, itchy skin.

A humidifier. This may seem obvious, but a humidifier really helps! I have one in my bedroom that I use just at night, and it helps both my skin and ensures a restful night’s sleep.

Calming potions. My skin often gets irritated in the winter. I think it’s a mix of things, but I mostly blame the dry air. I have a few standby products that always come out in the winter: my all-time favorite hydrating accelerator (this is the BEST for long plane rides, too) and May Lindstrom’s blue cocoon which de-stresses the skin big time.

Even on the chilly days, getting outside and breathing in fresh air feels so exhilarating. Each season brings beauty of its own!

Image credit: Natalie Chassaigne Kurtzman

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