Modern French Cuisine at Joséphine Boston


A few weeks ago, I visited Joséphine, the restaurant recently opened in the Kenmore Square space previously occupied by Petit Robert. I had heard amazing reviews and was eager to check out a new French restaurant.

To start, we ordered the grilled romaine salad and mussels “indochine”. The salad was phenomenal! I love romaine lettuce for its satisfying crunch, and this salad didn’t disappoint. Lightly grilled, the romaine leaves had a nice flavor and depth. The mussels were also delicious, served without the shell in a coconut milk curry. On a cold winter day, this would be an amazing dish to enjoy. The warm bread was delicious — be sure to request extra to dip into that warm curry broth! I’m still thinking about it…


For my main dish, I ordered the steak frites. There were many items from the main menu that I was considering, but ultimately I can’t say no to a good steak dish. The fries were a little too salty for my palate, but perfectly cooked otherwise. The steak was delicious.

I really enjoyed our meal at Joséphine, and appreciated how the menu paid tribute to traditional French cuisine while keeping it modern. I would love to visit again sometime soon!

Joséphine, 468 Commonwealth Avenue, Kenmore Square, (617) 375-0699. For hours and more information, please visit their website.

 Image courtesy of Joséphine Boston.

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  1. I’ve been dying to get over there! And coming from someone who is actually French, this review makes me want to visit even more :)