The Best Mexican Food in Boston at Tenoch


I love good Mexican food. Why is it so hard to find in New England? Maybe I’ve traveled too much to Arizona and have eaten good, authentic Mexican food one too many times. When the craving hits, I often end up at my neighborhood spot, Loco Taqueria, which is great, but not as authentic as I would sometimes like.

I recently met a friend at Tenoch in the North End (they recently opened a new spot in Davis Square, too). I’ve been wanting to check out Tenoch for what feels like years, and I was so happy to finally make it. My friend lives in the North End and had been a few times before so suggested that I try the chicken burrito. She had two tacos which looked delicious and we shared a side of chips with generous portions of salsa and guacamole.

The chicken burrito was amazing! I have eaten a lot of burritos in my time, and Tenoch’s tasted so fresh. I am really picky about meat, too. I often go vegetarian at restaurants like this because it seems like the meat has been sitting out, but the chicken at Tenoch was cubed and cooked perfectly. I ate the whole thing. :)

I am excited to check out Tenoch again soon. I’ve heard amazing things about their tortas, which I’ll need to try net time.

Do you love Mexican food? What are your favorite places in New England to satisfy the craving?

Image courtesy of Tenoch Mexican.

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  1. Cameron says:

    YESSSSS Tenoch is my go-to ‘treat yo-self’ spot. The tortas really are amazing and huge!