Fedwell, Local Dog Food From the Heart


It took several exploratory years in large corporations for Emily Lagasse to realize that sitting in a big office just wasn’t for her. After summoning the courage to quit her job, she followed her heart and joined the Peace Corps. After two and a half years in Togo, Emily returned home, promising that she’d never again spend years in a job that she didn’t care about.

Around that same time, her dog, Fenway, started to get sick. She wanted to change his diet but didn’t feel that there were many healthy options readily available. She could spend hours cooking food, but she didn’t have the time for that, either. Quickly Emily realized that there was a market for locally-made, nutrient-rich dog food.

(C) Beth Oram Photography 2015

Based on simple and tasty ingredients, Fedwell launched in 2014. After plenty of research and thought, Emily opted to make a baked dog food, since ease of use is so important to many dog owners. Not everyone has time to defrost or reconstitute a food.

Emily kindly sent me a few samples so that my Portuguese Water Dog, Weber could try them out. Web has a pretty good appetite, but he can be funny about dry food.┬áHe often grazes and only eats it when he’s really hungry. He tried both the chicken and lamb dry food from Fedwell and loved them both. He ate them right away!


Although growing a business can have it’s challenges, Emily takes it all in stride. What’s more fulfilling than hearing from happy customers who have had their beloved dogs recover from illness, and simply feel better?

Emily’s advice for entrepreneurs who aren’t sure how to begin? Just start. You’ll figure it out, and if it turns out to be a flop, at least you’ve learned from it and that can inspire the next adventure.

Image credit: 1/ courtesty of Fedwell, 2/ Beth Oram Photography

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