A Mid-Week Restorative Day


The more I travel, the more I realize that Boston truly is a city designed for walking! On any given day, I love to walk from place to place, especially in the nice weather. By the way, did you hear that it’s going to be 70 degrees tomorrow? So excited!

As I prepare for my baby to join us this June, I’ve been focusing on eating better (so many smoothies) and getting out more. The little things really do make a difference, and I notice how much happier and healthier I feel when I get vitamin D and eat satisfying foods that really nourish me (plus, ice cream of course because I have a serious sweet tooth).

If I can carve out the time, I love to schedule a mid-week day every so often to take time for myself. It can be so quiet in the city while everyone is at work, and it often feels like you have a whole city block to yourself.

If you’re in need of some mid-week inspiration, I’m sharing an ideal healthy day out and about below:


8am – If you’re like me, you wake up starving! Head to Cocobeet downtown for a breakfast that will really fuel you. Cocobeet serves up the best acai bowl in town (and I’ve tried so many). Rich and creamy, this breakfast will leave you full and happy. Cocobeet doesn’t have tables (it’s grab and go style) but they do have two small benches to sit on inside, or if it’s a nice day, you can enjoy your breakfast outside at City Hall Plaza — or if you can wait a few minutes, walk towards the Commons and enjoy your breakfast picnic-style.

Next, if you aren’t already at the Commons, head that way. Walk through the park and into the Public Garden, one of our favorite places in the city. Although the park is often bustling with locals and tourists alike, it is one of the most calming places. We can thank the swaying trees for that! Sit outside for awhile – maybe read or write, or just enjoy the fresh air. It’s such a beautiful city – and world – we live in.


12pm – If you’re in the mood for a little re-centering and movement, cross Arlington Street for our favorite yoga class with David Magone at Exhale Spa. David only teaches a few days a week, and we particularly love his mid-day classes on Tuesday and Thursday. You’ll practice your flow and end in the most delicious Savasana. If you feel like it, take time to enjoy the amenities at Exhale. I love popping into the steam room, or sitting to enjoy a cup of hot tea.

3pm – You might as well continue this day of relaxation and rest with a facial at Brad Duncan Skin Care (hopefully you made an appointment in advance – they book up quickly!) with Brianne. It might be a little indulgent, but this day is all about relaxation, remember?

5pm – You saunter out of Brad Duncan feeling like a new person! No better way to end this day than dinner al fresco. If it’s a nice evening out, I love sitting on the patio at Picco (just across the street from Brad Duncan) for the best pizza and homemade ice cream. Chances are you won’t have to wait for a table — beauty of eating early!

7pm – Slowly make your way home and take a moment to realize how good you feel!

What would you do with a free day in the middle of the week?

Image credit: Natalie Chassaigne Kurtzman

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