A Dog-Friendly Staycation


Last week, my husband participated in a local retreat for work, which included a two-night stay downtown. I took advantage of the free hotel stay and brought along our dog, Weber! Although we live in Southie and spend a lot of time downtown, it was so fun to do something a little different and wake up in a new neighborhood…


I had never stayed at The Ritz in Boston, and actually didn’t even realize that they were dog-friendly! Weber loved all the attention. His green paws were definitely a conversation starter (it was St. Patrick’s Day)! The hotel staff fed him lots of treats and even let him sneak behind the reservations desk. I loved their attention to detail and the little bag of dog treats (how cute is that lobster treat?) and poop bags.

In the morning, I would climb out of the amazing bed (and that means a lot coming from someone who is  six months pregnant), and head out for a coffee and light breakfast. Web loved strolling the city streets before the commuting rush began. When traveling with a dog, you can’t beat The Ritz’s proximity to the Commons. Although it can be hard to justify taking a staycation so close to home, it sure is fun when the opportunity presents itself!

As a note, The Ritz-Carlton Boston waived the pet fee for our stay!

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