A Week in Naples, Florida


Last month my husband, babe, and I went down to Florida for a week to meet up with my in-laws. We rented a house with my husband’s sister and her family, and their parents stayed at a nearby hotel at night (3 kids at the house didn’t make for the best sleeping environment!).

It was such a treat to have a taste of warm weather. We spent the days strolling on the beach (about a 15 minute walk away) or chatting on the patio, and seeing Serena with her cousins was amazing. I had been so so nervous to go on vacation with the baby, but it was actually so much easier than being at home! I later realized that since we were both on vacation, it was two people full-time parenting one baby — not too bad! So middle of the night wake-ups were so much less stressful, since we could trade off and neither of us was thinking about having to be at work early the next morning. (I’ve heard some babies don’t wake up all night — please share your secrets! We are tired over here…)


Naples is gorgeous. I would go back there anytime! Besides the amazing beach with soft sand, warm water, and sunsets, there was lots to do! We went out to eat a few times, and walked along the Gordon River Greenway. The nature was just beautiful. One day, a massive dolphin literally swam by 10 feet away from us! Seeing a dark fin rise out of the water absolutely freaked me out (!!), but it was unreal to be so close to such an amazing creature. The next day, three dolphins swam by my brother-in-law. Seriously?! How amazing.


We dipped Serena’s toes in the ocean for the first time, but mainly she used the time at the beach to take epic naps in the travel stroller. We parked it right at the water’s edge, and the sound of the waves is better than any white noise machine. She was very glamorous in her shades.


We have a trip to Europe for a wedding and to meet family coming up in a few months, and I am hoping it will go well! It seems that every week she is so different, and it is impossible to know what to expect. When we are up all night and really tired, I feel like cancelling all plans and hibernating at home, so it is nice to remember that sometimes getting out with a little one can go better than expected.

One more picture… because a sunset over water is the best. Hope you are all staying warm in this April snow, and we can look forward to beach days closer to home in the not too distant future!


Image Credit: Laura Chassaigne

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