An Update from the Second Trimester


Well, somehow I’ve made it to the third trimester! Although I’m no longer in the second trimester, I figured I’d share a bit about my experience and things that helped me along the way…

At the beginning of the second trimester, we headed off to Australia. Morning sickness and severe fatigue felt like (almost) distant memories and aside from a little growing bump, I really started to feel more like myself. When Matt and I were planning our babymoon, I thought we might be crazy for deciding on such a faraway location. In the end, it worked seamlessly and the 30+ hours of travel time felt almost…. luxurious? There’s something about air travel that I just love. It’s relaxing and almost indulgent. I love stocking up on chocolate treats, magazines, and my favorite face mist. Since I knew that I might feel uncomfortable (and more prone to blood clots) this time around, I brought along these compression socks. They were awesome, and I would totally wear again – pregnant or not! Normally, my feet swell a ton while flying, and I was able to feel really comfortable with little to no swelling. Success!


Not everyone takes a babymoon, but if you’re planning to, I’d recommend going earlier than later. We were in Australia for two weeks when I was 20-22 weeks along and we were on the move quite a bit (so much to see)! I generally felt pretty good minus a few hunger meltdowns (granola bars are the best) and momentsĀ of exhaustion.

The second trimester has felt rather normal. At times, I’ve almost forgotten that I have a little baby growing inside. The main discomforts have been heartburn (thank you, Zantac!), general aches, and of course feeling tired. But, overall, I can’t really complain. The baby first started kicking around week 20 while we were in Australia. At first it felt like a fluttering, and was seriously the coolest thing ever. Over the last 8 weeks, the kicks have become stronger and more consistent. This babe is an active one already! It feels really awesome for my husband to feel the kicks, too. So much is changing, and I can feel all these changes, I sometimes forget that he doesn’t feel as connected to the pregnancy! It is so neat for him to get these glimpses of the baby.

The second trimester quickly became a period of getting things done and research. My mom helped me paint the baby’s room (we chose Benjamin Moore’s gray owl for the walls and Benjamin Moore’s chantilly lace for the molding). It looks so pretty now! We also picked out items that we wanted to purchase and put together a registry. I even had my shower last weekend, which was such a special celebration!

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We also took a 5-week hypnobirthing class with Bec Conant, which I’d highly recommend. We walked away with so many valuable tools and the confidence that we could have the birth that we wanted. Of course, we don’t know what to expect or what kind of curveballs will be thrown our way, but we do feel a bit more equipped to handle the unexpected. I also signed up for a prenatal yoga class at Radiant Yoga that I am so excited to start.

I’ve also continued reading, which has been helpful. There’s so much information out there. You really have to pick and choose to see what’s helpful! I’ve found this book on bringing home baby to be great, plus love this one and this one.

Laura gave me this amazing and ridiculously big pillow and it’s made a world of difference. If you have to sleep on your side, it’s so important to have plenty of support.

Everyone asks about weird cravings, and honestly I haven’t had too many, aside from ice cream! I do find myself eating more meat and dairy. Baby needs all that calcium and protein!

I’m absolutely wearing maternity clothes. No doubt about that! I am able to wear a lot of non-maternity shirts (if they’re long enough) and I have plenty of cute dresses that will work, too, but pants are a maternity must-have for me. And new bras.

We’re now down to the last few months and I can’t believe that at the end of this we’re going to have a baby. The whole thing is so surreal – but so exciting!


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  1. Rachael says:

    Loved reading this sweet Natalie! You look beautiful! I think you two would also enjoy having a doula! It’s such a special experience to indulge in. xoxo