Thursday Crush: Boob

A few days after Serena was born, I went to the closet in search of some clothes to wear out of the house. All of a sudden I realized I had nothing to wear, aside from pajamas! Not only were maternity pants too big and regular pants too small, during pregnancy I had not thought at all about the clothing needs of a nursing mama. I always wore dresses with leggings, which I soon realized was not very nursing friendly.

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I was so happy when I discovered the Swedish brand Boob. The company was founded by a woman who watched her sister nurse her newborn son on a cold and windy day. She realized that having a tiny baby was hard enough — the right gear could make feeding a baby so much easier. The line features nursing clothes that have two panels, meaning less is exposed than with the typical clip-down tanks. The extra fabric in the bottom panel can also be positioned to allow space for a pregnant belly, meaning that most of these clothes can do double-duty as maternity items.


I love the ruched tank — while it is pricier than some other nursing tanks, I have been wearing one every day. They are perfect to wear underneath button-down shirts or cardigans, and the silky smooth material is easy to wash and so comfortable. I also have this dress, and it is so soft. Since I am such a fan, Boob sent me two dresses to try, and they are my new favorites! (I am wearing the Audrey dress in black above.) It feels so nice to wear dresses while still being able to nurse Serena without difficulty.

I also am impressed by Boob’s commitment to using sustainable materials and making clothes that are meant to be worn and reworn. In an age where so much clothing is created to be disposable after one season, it is refreshing to see labels that say “I’m yours, to love, wash and wear. When you are done with me please hand me over to someone who needs me.” Plus,  production is in Europe with workers earning a fair wage, and all fabrics are certified to be free of harmful substances (according to OEKO-TEX standard 100).

It is rare that I find a brand that I like so much — hence today’s Thursday Crush! You can find Boob clothing through their website, as well as on (a great website with free shipping and free returns).

Images Courtesy of Boob.

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