Ava’s Caramel Popcorn

Ava's Caramel Popcorn _ Caramel _ Callaway Photo

We love to support local businesses, and if occasionally that means sampling caramel popcorn, we’ll take one for the team! Caramel popcorn is absolutely one of my favorite treats — that mix of sweet and salty, the satisfying crunch — so good! My go-to recipe is from David Lebovitz (I substitute brown rice syrup for corn syrup for its toasty flavor and use pecans instead of peanuts). Whenever I make it it is gone in a few days, and certain family members are left asking when I’ll bring them another bag. But especially since Serena was born, the amount of concentration needed to watch caramel and mix in the popcorn with a minimum of burned fingertips is in very short supply. So I was especially glad to discover someone making delicious handmade caramel popcorn in Arlington!

Ava's Caramel Popcorn _ Callaway Photo

Ava’s midwestern grandparents often sent her care packages of caramel popcorn, popular in their area, and Ava has loved caramel popcorn ever since. After working in confections and artisan foods for years, including a stint as an apprentice at Somerville’s EHChocolatier, Ava finally decided to recreate the delicious caramel corn of her youth. Ava’s popcorn is made fresh, and her caramel is made with cultured butter, cane sugar, vanilla, and sea salt. Building on the ‘master recipe’ for Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn, she whips up batches with coconut, almonds, dark chocolate, and dried fruits. You can find her popcorn at several farmers markets as well as local shops. (I was glad to spot it at Fastachi this week!) Thanks, Ava, for making it a little easier to satisfy our sweet tooth!

Photo credit:  Ellen Callaway of Callaway Photo.

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