Dîner en Blanc in Boston

Have you heard of the Dîner en Blanc? Inspired by a dinner party among friends in Paris, the concept has now expanded to many cities around the world. Everyone dresses in white, brings tables, chairs, decor, and of course an amazing dinner, and a pop-up dinner party appears in a public space. The location is revealed only just before the party, and the anticipation adds to the fun. When the party is over, revelers take everything with them — part of the magic is the temporary transformation of the space. My husband and I participated in a Dîner en Blanc in Montreal a few years ago, and we had the best time. (Scroll down for a few photos.)

You can take part in the Dîner en Blanc in Boston on July 30! Sign up here for the waitlist to be notified when registration is open. (People who have attended in previous years have priority, but the Boston event is growing. This year they expect 2,500 people to take part!)

Here are some photos from the event last year, which was held in City Hall Plaza. “Last year, we were amazed by Boston’s spirit, which shone through in elegance, creativity and enthusiasm despite the stormy weather,” said Bryer Davis, co-host of Dîner en Blanc – Boston. “This year, we can’t wait to see an even bigger and more passionate group at our new incredibly picturesque secret venue.” Looks like so much fun!! (Photo Credit: Vita Images)


Below are a few pictures from the Montreal Diner en Blanc my husband and I attended — such an amazing evening! We met a group of other participants at a metro stop, and all went together to the  secret location, which turned out to be a park downtown. Everyone set up their tables, chairs, and dinner, and the atmosphere was unreal.

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What an amazing way to experience a public space in our city! Find out more on the Dîner en Blanc website.

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