The Beginning of Life

The Beginning of Life _ Father Hugging

I saw an absolutely amazing movie recently. The Beginning of Life is a look at the importance of the first few years — how babies learn, grow, and are affected by the environment and society around them. It was so well done, and the film really captured the magic in how young children see the world. Featuring parents and babies from several countries, the window into that love and bond across cultures was so powerful.

So many moments took my breath away with their beauty. There were certain gut-wrenching moments as well, as the film didn’t shy away from the reality that not all children have the care that they should. What a powerful reminder that “when you pay attention to the beginning of a story, you can change the whole story.”

The Beginning of Vida_ Baby

The Beginning of Vida_ Playing Father

Watch the trailer here. The movie is available to watch on Netflix and iTunes — I would definitely recommend it!

Images courtesy of The Beginning of Life.

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