The Weekender: August 5-7


It is hard to believe that we are already into August! This summer is going by quickly, and we are looking forward to making the most of the weekend. We hope you enjoy the next few days. A few ideas:

Car Free Newbury. This Sunday, shop and browse along Newbury without cars! We love pedestrian streets, and while we wouldn’t mind if Newbury was pedestrian-only all the time, we’ll take what we can get! Make sure to pass through on Sunday between 10am to 6pm and enjoy one of the city’s most treasured streets in a different way. There will be music, games, and of course plenty of shopping. ;) We are so looking forward to strolling through.

Swingin’ on the Charles. This sounds like so much fun. Head to the banks of the Charles on Saturday evening for swing dancing lessons (7-8pm) and then a chance to practice your new skills (8-11pm). Admission is $15-22 and proceeds benefit Community Boating and Boston Swing Central. Find out more here!

Catch a Flick. Spending the hottest part of the day in the movie theatre with a comedy or action movie feels so perfect for August, doesn’t it? I recently saw Bad Moms with a few friends, and there were a lot of laughs — it was reminiscent of Mean Girls. There is also a new Jason Bourne movie!

The Sea and Salem. The Salem Maritime Festival features events on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Some highlights are the lineup of live music and the free 90-minute harbor cruises (awarded by lottery). Find out more about the festival on the event website.

Do you have an upcoming event that you’d like to see listed on The Weekender? To be considered, send us a note at Have a wonderful weekend!

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