Our First Family Vacation

Last week, we took our first family vacation. Matt’s uncle has a summer house in Provincetown, and we are usually lucky enough to visit at least once per summer. While I was pregnant, his uncle had invited us to come down to Ptown for a month with the new baby to escape the city and summer heat. Taking a month was too much, but we had enough vacation to take two weeks.

Matt’s uncle lives in the West End on Commercial Street. His house is on a quiet block just past the hustle and bustle of shops and restaurants, although there are still plenty of pedestrians and pretty wharfs. It was so wonderful sleeping with the windows wide open, the summer breeze lulling us to sleep.

Most mornings, we took our time getting up (always takes longer with a nursing babe!) and then we would take a short walk to Relish for our morning iced coffee and sometimes a breakfast sandwich, too. In the afternoon, we’d often go to the beach – mostly Herring Cove or Head of the Meadow since both were dog-friendly this year (there were birds nesting at Race Point which made it not dog-friendly). Or, we would walk into town, grab a beer at the Aqua Bar and a bite from The Canteen or Two Southern Sissies BBQ.  Most afternoons, we’d enjoy a soft serve ice cream (with sprinkles) from Happy Camper.


We also enjoyed many meals at Mac’s Shack (both in Wellfleet and on Shank Painter Road in Ptown). They have the best fish and chips in my opinion – perfectly fried and not greasy. If we found ourselves at Mac’s, we would pop into the Provincetown Pet Resort to say hi to our cat, Fete, who was also on vacation! :)

Once Matt learned that we could secure a beach fire permit, he couldn’t get enough! In the end, we ended up having three beach fires. The permits are free, but there are only a limited amount – more on that here.

It was a little nerve-wracking taking the baby to the beach (both in the daytime sun and in the evening thanks to the bugs!) but having our Lille Baby carrier made it so much easier. I loved having him close to me! In the daytime, we always brought a pop-up shade tent (seriously easy and awesome), an SPF blanket to keep him protected, and lots of sunscreen, of course (this one is my favorite, and it doesn’t have any nasty ingredients).

In the evening, we’d bring bug spray (love this one!), lots of extra layers (I’m always cold) and stuff for s’mores, naturally. One evening, we made s’mores with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. They were out of control good!

On the last evening, we ate at the newly-opened seasonal pop-up Pomodoro at 99 Commercial Street (they also have restaurants in Brookline and in the North End). The meal was so good (best eggplant parm!) and I loved the white walls and beach vibe of the restaurant.

I love visiting Ptown. It’s such a fun place where everyone can be themselves. It’s super dog-friendly and surprisingly easy with a baby. There were a few cloudy days where we just relaxed at home, too. It was so nice to stay with family, especially since babies can be so unpredictable and can really love to scream. :)


Milo also attended his first wedding! Matt’s uncle’s two friends were married in his backyard garden. There were only eight people in attendance not including us. We’ve known the couple a longtime and it was so special to witness their marriage.

It was a wonderful vacation, and I know we’ll be thinking about it for years to come as Milo gets bigger and bigger!

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