Local Resources for a Mom-to-be

Becoming pregnant for the first time is both amazing and terrifying. It’s easy to feel like pregnancy is a new state of normal and it’s going to continue forever. I certainly thought that way! However, eventually you’ll have a baby and that thought can be a little overwhelming (and at times it totally is!).

There are countless blogs and books to read, classes to take, and information to digest during those nine months. It can be tricky to weed through and find what is really helpful. Here are a few things that really helped me during pregnancy and to prepare for life afterwards…

1/ Registering for a prenatal yoga series was the best decision I made! I looked forward to attending the weekly class, and found myself really sad when I was no longer pregnant and couldn’t attend. There are several options around Boston but I went to Radiant Yoga, which is within walking distance to my house (especially helpful in those later weeks!). I loved the teacher, Karen, who was so gentle and kind. The class was small in size, and felt really intimate and private. At the beginning of each class, we’d go around and share what week we were in, and how we were feeling. It felt like such a safe space, and I really cherished it. The movement designed specifically for pregnant women was also awesome.

2/ Laura really helped me decide which classes were the most important to take while preparing for baby. In the end, I took an infant CPR and a breastfeeding class (which happened to be on the same day I went into labor by coincidence). I took the CPR class at Newton-Wellesley Hospital (where I gave birth) and the breastfeeding class at Harvard Vanguard but there are plenty of options and resources.

3/ Taking a birthing class was a little daunting at first, but totally opened my eyes to what labor and delivery could be like. I knew I wanted to take a meditative and thoughtful approach, so that I would have those tools when I went into labor. Matt and I took HypnoBirthing with Bec Conant, and I’d highly recommend the course we took or any birthing class at all. It was so helpful to have a scheduled weekly class where we’d talk about our fears and expectations with other expectant parents. It can be a super overwhelming time, and I found that the HypnoBirthing class helped ease my worries and anticipation.

4/ There are so many books and blogs to read, and I found a lot of the information out there to be fear mongering. The books that I truly devoured were Momma Zen (loved this one!), Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn, and Heading Home with your Newborn: From Birth to Reality.

Pregnancy is such a wild, crazy time. I’m glad that I took time to cherish the special moments (baby kicks! hiccups!) and to acknowledge the not so great moments (heartburn! fatigue!) because it all brought me to this beautiful new place: motherhood.

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