Summer on the Esplanade


The Esplanade is such a treasure, and summer time is an especially great time to visit. Besides strolling along the banks of the Charles and taking in the breeze from one of the docks, there are tons of special events and activities.

Wednesday Concerts. On August 24 the Longwood Orchestra takes the stage, and on the 31st the Landmarks Orchestra presents The Boys from Syracuse, a Broadway musical from the swing era, in collaboration with the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company. More on the concerts here.

Friday Flicks. Tomorrow’s film is Up, set to begin around sunset at 7:38pm. On August 26 Ant-Man will begin around 7:24pm.

Free fitness classes are another fun way to spend time on the Esplanade. My latest find is the splash pad at the Charles Bank Playground — a stroll through the water sprays is such a fun way to cool off! I definitely plan to make the most of the remainder of the summer!

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