Meet Our Newest Contributor, Lisa Gordon


We’re so excited to welcome a new contributor to the team! Meet Lisa Gordon, a writer who recently moved back to Boston after eight years away. Lisa lives in the South End, and is looking forward to rediscovering the area! She hopes to share interviews with small shop owners, tidbits on the history of Boston, street style, and more! Meet Lisa…

You’ve worked in communications, written for a range of freelance publications, and have completed an MFA in fiction. How did you get into writing? How do these various facets of writing relate or inform each other?
I was always a voracious reader and writer. When I was a kid, I took books to Red Sox games. Yes, I was THAT girl. I learned about the world from stories, and I was fascinated by them. I knew I wanted to write — at first I thought I’d be a journalist. But it was too harsh for me; I was more interested in people and stories, in everything that you can’t learn from basic facts and straightforward reporting. I really just wanted to write stories. So I pursued fiction so that I could hone that skill, and it ended up sharpening writing for me all around. So I’ve made a career of different kinds of writing and/or editing roles, always doing my own writing on the side, both fiction and freelance, lifestyle pieces. (Note: See Lisa’s portfolio here.)

Lisa Gordon

After many years in San Francisco, you have recently moved back to Boston — does the city feel different after your time away? What will you miss about SF (and not miss!) and what were you excited to come back to in Boston?
The city feels different in a way I can’t even really explain. I moved to SF at such a turning point in my life — I was coming out of a serious relationship and turning to writing and creative work full time, so I was ripe for inspiration. SF is an incredible place to be under those circumstances, plus, as a creative person, it’s lush ground for all things art and design, for new ways of thinking. So now, I’m curious how those feelings will play out here. Boston feels both like home and a completely new place, and discovering it with different experiences under my belt has been really exciting. Boston and SF are incomparable and yet similar at the same time. But Boston’s history can’t be overlooked — that’s something I’ve really enjoyed rediscovering. I missed Boston accents, to be honest. And I missed the Atlantic Ocean and, believe it or not, the weather.

You are now living in the South End — such a fun neighborhood! What are your favorite local spots so far?
I love Estragon, Toro, Franklin Cafe, and Delux Cafe. It’s not exactly a coincidence those are all great cocktail bars! Some of the shopping is top-notch as well. And when it comes to coffee, I’m a big Render Coffee fan (pro tip: the coffee they use is actually from Tandem, an adorable coffee shop and bakery in Portland, Maine). For sandwiches, Blunch is great, and for a cute, cozy dinner I love South End Buttery. In general, though, I can’t get over the streets lined with brownstones, canopies of tree branches, and fountains. They’re sort of magical.

Describe yourself in a few words.
A writer, reader, and lover of stories, a family girl who can’t live without her friends, the beach on a cloudy day, and a good cocktail.

Thanks, Lisa! I love the image of your bringing your book to the Red Sox game — I was that girl too! We are so excited to have you on The Boston Day Book team. Keep in touch with Lisa on Instagram, and find more of her writing on her website.

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