Fall Favorites: How to Savor the Season


Each year when fall comes around, I find myself wishing it would linger just a tad bit longer. The season is short and goes so quickly, so here are a few ways to make the most of it! What are your favorite ways to enjoy this beautiful season? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

Apple Cider, Donuts, and Orchards!

Nothing feels more like fall in New England than spending time in an apple orchard, sipping (hot or cold!) cider, and snacking on an apple cider donut. There are so many great orchards to visit for apple picking within a short drive from the city (here are some of our favorites). If I end up visiting a low-key orchard, I love to bring a little picnic and sit and relax for awhile with friends. It’s hard to meet an apple cider donut that I don’t love, but my personal favorites come from Wilson Farm in Lexington and from Red Apple Farm at the Boston Public Market (the smell alone will lure you in off Congress Street).

Across the River. 

I love spending time in Harvard Square in the fall. On a brisk day, I adore taking a leisurely stroll through Harvard Yard with crisp colorful leaves crunching underfoot followed by a hot cocoa from L.A. Burdick or a mint tea from Algiers Coffee House. The fall is a great time to add a new stack of books to your collection, too. I love perusing the bookshops in Harvard Square for inspiration and to discover a few new reads.

A Classy Afternoon Downtown.

No matter the season, spending time in the Boston Public Garden is always high on our list of ways to enjoy Boston. In the fall, you’ll be romanticized by the wood fire smell coming from the beautiful brownstones along Beacon Street. I love exploring our city’s parks when it’s less warm out and there are less people. At times, it can feel like you are in your own private garden. After taking a nice walk, warm up at The Bristol Lounge with a class of bubbly.



There are always so many fun events leading up to Halloween. It’s fun to dress up and enjoy a night out! This year, since we have a babe in tow, we’re looking forward to spending the evening in Beacon Hill. The city closes off several streets and it’s supposed to be epic. I also want to go pumpkin picking this year, and make some awesome jack o’ lanterns!

It’s such a special season. What would you add to the list?

Image credit: Natalie Chassaigne Kurtzman


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    what fun! I went to my first apple orchard last weekend – it was a blast!

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