Halloween in Boston


It’s almost Halloween!! Such a great holiday. Dan and I lived for many years in Montreal, where it is celebrated among adults as much as kids. The whole week before and after Halloween itself, nightclubs and bars were full of costumed revelers — maybe it was so embraced since no matter our age, it is so fun to disappear into another story for an evening. Now that we have kids in the family, I’ve been thinking of how that will change holidays going forward, and how much I want to enjoy and savor the magic of these special times.

Thinking back on my childhood, I have so many vivid memories of Halloween, Christmas Eve, and July 4th — what a special responsibility to help create those early memories for someone else! Having these holidays come back around now that Serena is one, it really brings into relief all the changes one year can bring. In fact, on Halloween last year Serena was only two weeks old, and I remember the nerves I felt whenever we brought her out of the house, and the rush of walking through the streets of Beacon Hill with our new, sweet, little creature against my chest. She wore a zip-up pajama and a little hat that recalls a cute little insect — our ‘lovebug.’

Serena img_0381

This year Serena will be dressed as a mouse, I’ll be mama mouse (on the hunt for ears — why so many ‘sexy cat’ ears everywhere and no cute little mouse ears for sale?) and Dan will be the cheese. ;)

If you are local, there are lots of celebrations around the city this week. For kids: there is a party at Hill House on Thursday, the Myrtle Street playground and Pru Boo on Sunday, and of course trick or treating on Monday evening! Here are a few fun things for adults: a costumed 5k on Saturday to support the American Cancer Society, halloween cruises, pub crawls, scary movies at Coolidge Corner and Brattle Theatre, and ghost story tours.

Beacon Hill has many streets closed off on Halloween — even if you have no kids with you this is such a great neighborhood to stroll around and people-watch! (There is a Boston by Foot tour on Halloween too!) A bunch of other neighborhoods are also known for getting into the spirit. Here are a few pictures from last year. Have so much fun!


Image Credit: Laura Chassaigne

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