A few thoughts


What a week. I know I am not alone in feeling shocked by the result’s of Tuesday’s election. Looking back, it feels naive that I honestly didn’t seriously consider the prospect of a Trump presidency — instead I spent Tuesday on a high, thrilled to be voting for an accomplished woman and grateful to all those in our country’s past whose work made my vote and her candidacy possible. Late that evening, as the numbers finally came in so heart-breakingly close and the reality of the next four years started to come into view, I felt so much sadness.

I am still feeling a bit at a loss for words. What I do know is that Donald Trump does not represent the American values that I love and hold dear, and to be honest I am afraid of what this means for our country and the world. Today I am so sad, but I still believe that love trumps hate. I don’t want my sweet baby girl to think that the bully always wins and that messages of violence and greed are more powerful than tolerance and togetherness. That’s not who we are.

It has been heartening to see people speaking up against racism, sexism, and hatred on Facebook (have you seen Pantsuit Nation?) and in articles around the internet. We can be a kind and big-hearted society, and there is so so much good out there.

A few things that have helped me:

This afternoon in a yoga class with David Magone we practiced tonglen meditation, a Tibetan practice in which you picture breathing in another’s pain, fear, or anger, dissolving it in your heart, and breathing out relief for them. It started to unwind the knots I’ve been in these last few days. Here’s a video from David if you are curious to try.

On coming together (via Cup of Jo).

The way forward (via Boston Mamas).

A little chocolate. A walk through the public garden.

And then tomorrow making sure I do what I can to build the country I want for my daughter and for all of us.


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