Grownup Gratitude & Giving Back

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Although I try to be thankful all year long, there’s no denying that November – and Thanksgiving – remind us to focus on gratitude. I’m especially thankful for my health and the health and happiness of those I love, living in such close proximity to my family, and for our newest addition this year, little Milo. Life can move so fast, and I relish slowing down and taking stock in all the good around me.

Personal values inform how we spend money (and save), but also how we choose to spend our time. Family is so important to me, and so I put a lot of effort in making plans with my parents, sisters, and Matt’s family. The same goes for the ways in which I decide to give back to the community.

Although my focus these last few months has been on nurturing Milo, I’m excited to volunteer again soon, and eventually share that experience with him. For several years, I spent an afternoon each week working alongside the Child Life Specialists at Massachusetts General Hospital. I was on a pediatric inpatient floor and many kids had been in and out of the hospital for years. I would play, do art projects, or just talk while their parents were able to take break. Each week, I was reminded just how lucky I am to be healthy. I looked forward to my afternoons at MGH and I sincerely believe that volunteering gives you so much in return, including a healthy perspective.

Over the last few months, we’ve partnered with Society of Grownups to share thoughts on becoming a grownup and the ways we spend, budget and prioritize. It has been a thought-provoking way to think about what we value most, whether the focus is money, time or effort. Just as we are working towards a financial picture that reflects our priorities, we hope to spend our time in a way that reflects our values as well. This Thanksgiving, we will be feeling grateful for family and friends, and thinking about how we can find time to ensure that our values are reflected across all that we do.

If you are looking for insight into how to align your spending with your values, we’d recommend checking out Society of Grownups online class “You’re a Grownup, Don’t Panic.”

What causes are important to you? How do you choose to spend your time?

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