My Cold Weather Wish List


Brrrr! It seems like all of a sudden the weather has shifted and winter is officially on its way. Can’t complain since it is almost Thanksgiving after all. Since returning from Europe last week, I’ve been pulling out my hats and gloves and realizing that I could use a few new things. Here are a several items on my winter wish list:

these socks! I have a few pairs and they are so cozy (and come in such pretty patterns). I desperately need to go through my top dresser drawer which is home to socks, underwear, bathing suits, and all sorts of random accessories. I’m going to treat myself to a few new pairs of these socks once I’ve cleaned out all the old and mismatched ones. Win, win!

this has been on my wish list for awhile now. It’s pricey, but with Shopbop’s awesome sale (where the more you spend, the more you save) going on right now, it would be less of a hit to my wallet.

– I now have two of these turtlenecks in my closet, and I’m keen on adding a few more. I find that it’s much easier to keep my wardrobe streamlined with a baby at home.

– love this cardigan. It has such good reviews!

– I’ve been living in these navy pants (seen in the photo above) and currently coveting these. A Ruby has the chicest, most comfortable pieces.

What’s on your wish list?

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