Uncorking Wine with Kuvée


Natalie and I both love a nice glass of wine. Our father is French, and even as young adults we enjoyed wine tasting, a nice bottle over a date-night dinner, and finding a favorite reasonable bottle at the corner store. Especially as the weather gets chillier, there is nothing more cozy than catching up with my husband over a glass of wine once the babe is in bed.

We were recently introduced to a newly launched companya newly-launched company that could change the way you purchase and enjoy a bottle of wine. The Kuvée bottle can be loaded with specially designed cartridges of wine, allowing the wine to be kept fresh for up to 30 days (about 10 times longer than a regular bottle). Since a single bottle can be kept for several weeks, rather than having a glass of “whatever’s open,” you can feel free to have various wines open at the same time.


The company was founded by local entrepreneur Vijay Manwani, whose background is in tech but has developed a passion for wine over the last 30 years. After completing courses on wine-tasting at Boston University, he applied his insights on both wine and technology to the founding of Kuvée.

I was sent a Kuvée bottle to test out, along with a few of the wines they feature. I am not a very ‘tech-y’ person and tend to avoid using technology when I don’t have to, so I was really curious to try the Kuvée system. I admit to being a little bit skeptical on how useful it would be for us. I mean, my husband and I usually don’t have much trouble finishing a bottle of wine within a few days! ;)


However, after trying it out for a few weeks, I ended up loving it. The system is easy to use, and it was fun to realize that there was no reason not to open that other bottle even if we only wanted a tiny glass. We actually had all four bottles that we were sent open at the same time, and it was so nice to be able to decide which one we felt like (and not have to agree!). It was also really fun and novel to see the information on each wine on the little touch screen. You can even rank the wines and if you are connected to wifi Kuvée will suggest others you may enjoy — like Netflix for wine! You can even order directly from the screen on the bottle.


We sipped a little wine while cooking, eating dinner, and watching The Crown (great acting) and Westworld (so addictive). We are in the midst of sleep training our daughter, and so have been staying close to home in the evening lately — having the Kuvée made it seem more like we were at a restaurant or bar, and could order a glass of whatever struck our fancy. This would be such a great gift for anyone who loves entertaining or enjoying wine themselves, especially for couples or friends who have different tastes. It was so nice to be able to open a new bottle spontaneously, without thinking ahead on when it would be finished and worrying about waste.

Find out more on the Kuvée website, where you can also browse the wines currently available — more will be added as time goes by. At the moment, California and the Pacific Northwest is heavily represented, but the team plans to grow the Kuvée collection to include wines from all over the world. We are excited to watch Kuvée grow!

This post was sponsored by Kuvée, a new company we are excited about! Thanks for reading The Boston Day Book.

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