An Update: Milo at 5 Months


Somehow Milo is 6 months old today. How? What? It’s crazy to me how the first few weeks go so slowly and then all of a sudden life just seems to be on fast forward. This has been such a fun age. Milo is constantly smiling and the belly laughs are just the best thing ever. He loves being kissed, and loves to give kisses! He’s starting to engage with other babies, including Serena, and it’s so cute to watch the little personalities unfold.

He moved to his own room this month, which was a really big deal. It’s been special to share so much of the same space, but I’ve longed to relax in my bed in the evening with a good book. It’s so nice to have some of that evening time back now. He seems to be doing well with the move, too. We also transitioned him from the Magic Merlin sleepsuit to this sleep sack. He’s such a big boy now!


He’s officially wearing 6-12 month clothing and I think his feet are growing at record speed. His eyes seem to be hazel and he’s getting more hair each day. He finally enjoys being in the stroller (yay!) and seems to tolerate the car a bit better these days, too. We went on our first big trip to France and Portugal this month and he met his great-grandfather, which was so special. We celebrated Thanksgiving in Boston and then flew down to Charleston to celebrate with Matt’s dad and sister. Milo loved exploring Charleston and meeting a few baby friends. :)

We started feeding Milo solids this month. We’ve only offered oatmeal so far, and I’m not totally sure what he thinks of it. Such a funny experience! I think we’re going to do sweet potatoes next.

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In terms of toys, he’s been obsessed with this toy (and it’s awesome because it’s small and easy to throw in my bag) and he’s starting to really love Sophie. Those teeth are coming in big time!

Milo has been rolling over and wants to sit up so badly (it’s coming soon). He’s wiggling like crazy and although he’s not crawling yet, it seems like he’s moving all over the place. Next on my to do list: baby proof!

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