Weekend Getaway: Hidden Pond

If you are looking for an amazing getaway with your best ladies, look no further than Hidden Pond and Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport. I was lucky enough to spend a beautiful September day with a few of my childhood friends at Hidden Pond, a small luxury resort not far from the picture perfect Maine shoreline. From Boston, the resort is roughly 90 miles, making it a doable day trip or perfect weekend getaway.


Tucked behind the resort’s outdoor pool are three beautiful small cabins on stilts. Each luxury tree house holds a single spa treatment room. It is hard not to feel immediately at ease while navigating the long boardwalk between birch and pine trees. One single window faced out toward a bold, seemingly massive, green forest. My massage was incredible, perhaps the best I’ve ever had. Hidden Pond’s Tree Spa incorporates elements from Hidden Pond’s property, think fresh lavender and mint. Post spa treatment, we lounged by the pool, went swimming, ate lobster rolls, and drank cocktails. If you’re thinking Heaven, you are not far off. We explored the property of Hidden Pond, including the resort farm where guests are encouraged to pick and eat freshly grown fruits and vegetables.

Hidden Pond Lobster Roll

After leaving the spa, we decided to hop in the car and take a walk on the beach. The water in Maine is delightful in September, and the beaches vacant. This is perhaps my favorite time of year, when the tourists clear out, and the locals reclaim their territory. We popped into another Kennebunk Resort Collection property, Tides Beach Club, and enjoyed a cocktail by the fireplace. The main lobby was decorated with fantastic art on loan from Gallery at the Grand, in nearby Kennebunk, open daily from 10am-6pm.

Earth at Hidden Pond

Next, we returned to Hidden Pond for dinner and visited Earth. The interior was stunning, large glass bulbs dangled in the entryway, and an apple tree from the property hung upside down from the ceiling covered in small twinkling lights. Executive Chef Justin Walker’s menu is farm to table, some of the produce is grown right at Hidden Pond, others are sourced from nearby local farms. The chicken dinner for two was an absolutely perfect dish. The lobster was decidedly Maine, but with a twist, the crustacean was wood-fired and accompanied by coconut curry sticky rice that I could not get enough of. The service was fantastic, and we paused after dinner to stroll around Hidden Pond and make room for dessert.

This may have been one of the most relaxing and indulgent days I’ve had in years. If you need an escape from life, visit Vacationland and the incredible properties of the Kennebunk Resort Collection.

Happy Exploring!

Elizabeth shares her life with kids in Maine (previously Newburyport) on her blog, Newburyport Daytripper. Be sure to catch up with her on Instagram, and check out all of her posts here.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Brown

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