Milo’s First Trip to France

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After spending six days in Portugal, we hopped on a flight to France. We flew into Bordeaux, where we rented a car and drove to my grandfather’s house. Matt and I were married in this small town and it’s one place that I always return to. It feels so special — and I was so excited to take Milo there and introduce him to his great-grandfather.

Visiting southwest France is wonderful in any season, but it’s so cozy in the late fall and winter. Long lunches (with plenty of red wine) and hours spent sitting by the fire turn into relaxed dinners and early bedtimes. The mornings usually start out foggy and oftentimes it lasts all day. I love taking afternoon walks around town or simply staying indoors and keeping warm. After being on the go for a few months, it felt so nice to kick back and truly relax.


Although I’m dairy and soy-free right now (so sad, no cheese or croissants!), I still ate very well. My grandfather hunts and also does lots of canning during the spring and summer. We feasted on civet (a wild boar and red wine stew), homemade ratatouille with poached eggs, duck confit (my favorite!), and of course there was plenty of Pineau des Charentes to go around.

After four nights at the farm, we hopped on the TGV and headed north to Paris. I knew that being in Paris with a baby would feel different, but it was still so nice to be in one of my most beloved cities. We only had two days, so we walked through our favorite neighborhoods and along the Seine. One evening, we met up with my cousin for galettes and cider. Another night, we braved it and took Milo out well past his bedtime to meet-up with friends who are living in Paris at the moment. We went to Le Mary Celeste for beers, and surprisingly Milo only freaked out once. Success!

All in all, it was a wonderful trip and I can’t wait to go back and continue to see Milo experience this part of his heritage.

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