Big Art for a Small Space

Art adds so much character to a room, but choosing what to put up can feel intimidating. We have a few of my own original paintings in our apartment, as well as a painting from local artist Julianne Strom in Serena’s nursery, which I love. (This might not stay in the baby’s room — while I think she does appreciate it, she also is intent on swiping at it every chance she gets!)


The bare wall above the mantel in the kitchen has been the hardest spot to fill. Our living room and kitchen are connected, and I am always wary of making the space feel too busy. Along with an antique mirror, we installed two fun brass sconces above the mantel in the living room, where we also swap in vases, little sculptures, or right now, winter greenery.


Another mirror over the second mantel would have felt like too much, and a gallery wall or collection could have felt too busy or crowded. What we really needed was a large photograph — something that would open the space up rather than close it in. Buying something as large as we envisioned wasn’t easy to do, and then the cost of framing was an added factor in our procrastination. That bare wall wasn’t happy with me!

img_5515 img_5517

I immediately thought of this spot when Minted reached out to collaborate. I was happy to see that they had many prints available in larger sizes, and so I started browsing their website. You may be familiar with Minted cards, but their art collection is definitely something to check out. The website features work from independent artists in 43 countries, and anyone can submit something for consideration by site users. The winners of monthly art and design competitions are featured on the website, earning a commission for each piece printed and sold.

I spent a long while scrolling through the selection of fine art prints. There were a bunch that I liked, and choosing was quite the struggle! We were looking for something that would feel light and open, and I am always drawn to shades of blue. Below are some of my favorites (top row left, middle, right; bottom row left, middle, right).


In the end, we decided on this print from Lindsay Ferraris, a photographer in California. Titled even in the rain, the image is from her travels in Provence. The lush, green foliage was soothing to the eye, and the raindrops on the lens gave it an interesting contemporary twist, reminding you this is a photograph after all. We ordered it in the largest size possible, 44″ x 44,” and crossed our fingers that we had made a good decision!


Eight days later, FedEx left a huge box on our stoop — so exciting! Inside was our framed print, packaged efficiently but well protected. We couldn’t wait to see how it would look up on the wall.


After a few minutes on the step stool with the tape measure, the hook was ready for hanging. We centered the piece over the mantel and decided to place it about 5″ above the top of the mantel.


It fits the space so well! We went with the whitewashed herringbone frame, which feels very rustic, and unique without overpowering the image. The frame is fitted with plexiglass to protect the print — in person this lends an appealing gleam but it does make photographing without glare a challenge!



We’re so glad that we finally took the plunge — the room feels so much more finished with something on the wall. Sometimes in smaller spaces the first instinct is to use small items, but in this case, I think a large piece of art makes the room feel more spacious, and in Beacon Hill, every little bit counts!

This post was sponsored by Minted, however all opinions are my own. Thank you for reading The Boston Day Book! 

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