Happy Holidays!


Edit: We had an ambulance ride to the ER and a stay in the hospital with Serena on Friday, but luckily her health improved and we were discharged in time to be home on Christmas morning, so this post is a little late. (After lots of tests, having doctors tell us she would be ok was the absolute best Christmas present ever, and it feels like all I’ve done since is hug her!) The last few days have us feeling even more grateful for family, good health, and love. Wishing you the same. xo

For those who celebrate, merry Christmas Eve and happy Hanukkah! And for everyone — we are wishing you a wonderful few days of fun with friends and family, relaxation, and chilly walks around the city followed by cocoa on the couch. We hope to be doing all that this week too, so we are taking a little break. We’ll be back after the New Year! In the meantime, here are a few fun things.

Have you been to Boston Winter yet? I found it really fun! I didn’t buy anything, but browsing around in the market is so enjoyable, and I absolutely love to see so many people enjoying City Hall Plaza! The ice skating path, the “Boston” sign, it all makes me smile. I hope to see more things like this in this underused spot!

There are always those last few small gifts to buy, and more and more I think edible treats are the way to go! Most people love a nice bar of chocolate, or for something different check out the hot chocolate flavor of Ava’s caramel popcorn — she sent me a little sample and it was so delicious.

Did you ever read The Jolly Postman as a kid? We loved it — so much fun to open all the letters and brochures to fairy tale characters. I kind of can’t wait until Serena would appreciate The Jolly Christmas Postman (at this point, I think she would just destroy it!). Lately we have been enjoying this sweet board book based on a Robert Louis Stevenson poem, Corduroy, Madeline, this funny book we found in French, and of course anything by Sandra Boynton (such cute illustrations!). What are your favorite kids books?

I really hope to get back into reading for myself as well! It had been too long since I was able to really get lost in a novel. I’m in the middle of Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and I am really enjoying it. (Have you seen her TED talk?)

If you are in a blog reading mood while we are offline, here are a few from the archives:

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And a few more links:

In case you missed it in the newsletter, could Boston become a city without children?

On going to the Women’s March in Washington on January 21. We have one happening in Boston too — 10,000 people have rsvped!

Have a wonderful week! xo

Image Credit: Madeline Heising. Serena and I took a little walk around the neighborhood with Madeline as she snapped a few photos. Madeline is such a delight, and is just starting out as a full-time photographer! See more from her here.

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