Thoughts on the Boston Women’s March


Did you go to the Boston Women’s March this past Saturday? I did, along with around 175,000 others in Boston, while millions participated in one of the 700+ marches that took place on all 7 continents. What a thing to see…


I have never been a part of such a large demonstration, and really didn’t know what to expect. I hesitated about bringing Serena into such a large crowd, but I am so glad that we all went together. In Boston, there was such a feeling of community among the crowd on the Common. Rather than feeling like a protest against something or someone, it felt like a march for our country, the ideals of equality, dignity, and justice, and supremely patriotic. People were chatting, reading everyone else’s signs, and being so patient and respectful in spite of the huge crowd. I was so inspired to see how many different types of people were there, representing all generations. There were so many babies, and I saw several groups of people who were quite elderly, still standing for hours on the Common to express their hopes for our country.

IMG_5892 IMG_5890

My experience was so uplifting, and I am glad I was able to share it with this strong and kind girl:


What next? The Women’s March organizers have 10 actions they propose for the first 100 days of the new administration — you can learn more and sign up here. This guide from former congressional staffers shares insights on how to effect change in government. Following and supporting real investigative journalism is another important way to stay informed and hold people accountable. No matter your political beliefs, we deserve to know what is going on.

There are so many amazing pictures of the march around the world. (Plus this beautiful video.) Here are just a few. Did you attend? We would love to hear your thoughts!


Alice Donovan Rouse, We the people, Boston


Alyssa Kibiloski, Not Alone, Los Angeles


Jerry Kiesewetter, Something’s Happening Here!, Washington

  1. Telle says:

    These past few days (months) have been difficult for many of us, but if we are to endure I think we should also find ways to have fun along the way. So here is my contribution: in support of the #WomensMarch movement and women’s rights: I designed (free) stickers to help women express themselves and their attitude (nasty or supportive, depending on the situation) when they text each other (or anyone). There is nothing like showing facial expressions, and these are the most expressive stickers I’ve seen. I wanted them to be chic, diverse and uninhibited. In the Women’s March edition, the characters wear adorable Pussy Hats. Because we need to express ourselves now more than ever.

    If you are so inclined, download the stickers and show your support and attitude when you text message friends (a sticker is worth a thousand smirks ;-) – I’m keeping them free so anyone can have as many as they like. If I can, I’ll keep them up for the next 4 years ;-) Use it to text your friends, show your attitude, and keep as a souvenir (not sure what iMessage stickers are? – we have the world’s easiest tutorial on the website).

  2. Great article! Thanks so much for using my photo from the Women’s March on Washington. It was truly inspiring to see so many people come together in such a massive and powerful way.

    If anyone is interested, there are a few more photos from the march posted on my Instagram, and on Unsplash…

    Jerry Kiesewetter