Our Experience at Pagu

Squid Ink Oyster Bao

Last week Laura and I took our husbands (yeah, double date!) for an evening at PAGU, which recently opened in Central Square. Chef Tracy Chang, a Boston-area native, grew up in her grandmother’s Japanese restaurant, which inspired her to cultivate her own culinary journey. Combining her upbringing, culinary experiences, and travels, Chang plays to Spanish and Japanese influences with dishes that are flavorful, comforting, and have just the right amount of punch.

Before venturing out onto her own, Chang began her career at the award-winning O Ya (which we still need to check out. Have you been?). She then went to study at the Cordon Bleu in Paris, followed by a training in San Sebastian, Spain. Once she returned to Boston, Chang co-founded Guchi’s Midnight Ramen pop-up.


View from the Chef’s counter

At the newly-opened PAGU, guests can choose the 7-course prixe fixe menu or from the a la carte selections. Between the four of us, we tried so many dishes. A few of our favorites from the evening:

Squid Ink Oyster Bao – this was divine! The fried oyster was perfectly crispy and the seasoning was just right. A little tangy, a little sweet.

Croquetas de Curry Crab – crab in a croquette? Sounds a little crazy, but the flavors of this small dish are incredible. I could have eaten many more of these!

Guchi’s Midnight Ramen – both of our husbands had the ramen and were raving about it. Matt commented that it was his favorite dish of the night!

Kale Salad – it may sound kind of boring, but this salad was so good. The kale was perfectly tender and who doesn’t love marcona almonds? Sometimes the simplest dishes are the best.

Pickles & Dip – this dish was Laura’s favorite. Barely pickled vegetables with hummus — simple can be the best!

Curry Crab Croqueta

Curry Crab Croqueta

The cocktail menu was super creative. We loved the use of coconut milk – it made us feel like we were on vacation!

Overall, we had such a fun experience – and especially enjoyed sitting at the Chef’s counter where we could see the action in the kitchen. Already looking forward to our next visit — and date night out.

Have you been to Pagu? What did you think?

PAGU, 310 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, 617-945-9290. Hours: Tuesday-Saturday from 5-11pm. For more information, visit PAGU’s website.

Photo credit: 1/ Matt Li, 2/ Daniel Bahcheli, 3/ Matt Li

  1. MK says:

    Thanks for the review! I live only a few blocks away from Pagu and have been wanting to try it … now I’m bumping it up on my restaurant list. The food looks & sounds delicious!

  2. SE says:

    The food looks delicious here and I’ve been wanting to try it out. How is the pricing here? It it better to do the a la carte menu?