Taking Stock: Snow Day Edition!


It’s been such a mild winter, so I have to say I was kind of looking forward to having a snow storm today! Especially since Serena and I were able to watch the snow flakes swirling from inside our cozy apartment. Tomorrow morning we are going to suit up and play outside for at least a little while! Serena was so small last winter, that this is her first real experience of fluffy, deep snow. I opened the window so she could reach out and touch it, and she begin grabbing handfuls of it to eat — do you remember how delicious fresh snow can be? ;) Simple pleasures.

In the spirit of these ‘taking stock’ blog posts that everyone does, I’m:

Making: The Lola cookies from the Flour cookbook — the best. They combine pecans, chocolate, coconut, oats, and all the typical cookie ingredients, so how could they be less than delicious? I found the recipe online here also. Also, lots of this salad lately — a perennial favorite.

Drinking: Loving coffee in the morning these days! So satisfying.

Wearing: A snow day calls for pjs all day, am I right? I love these. I was pulled into the family matching pj thing, and I have to say that mine are super comfy.

Reading: After a way-too-long hiatus from novel reading, I (mostly) loved Americanah. What should I try next? Right now I am halfway through the library’s copy of Simplicity Parenting, and finding a lot of gems. But I need a few good novels in my stack of books to read!

Wanting: Some really, really comfortable leather booties with just a bit of a heel… the search continues! Looking for recommendations!

Waiting: For Serena’s molars to finally pop through! It feels like they have been right there for such a long time.

Watching: I’m getting into The Daily Show again — I do miss Jon Stewart but Trevor Noah is also so funny. And lately he certainly has plenty of material to work with…

Listening: Miles Davis (so good), Ella and Louis (a classic).

Feeling: A little silly — a few weeks ago I bonked my head on the playground and gave myself a concussion. (Can’t believe I’m the one who got injured on the playground!!) I am still feeling kind of fuzzy and getting headaches, so I am trying to take it easy… So hard to actually rest your brain! Apparently I should not be multitasking.

Thinking: How lucky I am. How strange a time it is in the U.S. right now. How to channel my frustration and concern into productive action.

Loving: This city, my family. Trying to be in the moment as much as I can!


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