A Day of W.E.L.L.ness


Taking care of ourselves – mind, body, heart – is so important. I mean, of course, right? As soon as I became a mom, my own needs became secondary. I wouldn’t trade my new role for anything, but it did take awhile to learn how to strike a balance between being a mom and taking care of myself. And let’s be honest, I am still learning.

I have always valued self-care, but even more so these days as both time (or lack thereof!) and wellness take on a whole new meaning. The wellness community in Boston has been so encouraging to me. It’s inspiring to see entrepreneurs strike a balance between business and self-care, and see so many people dive into the wellness industry. It’s an exciting time!

This coming Saturday, 3/18 I will be spending the day with beauty pioneers, wellness experts, and educators at the Boston Day of W.E.L.L.ness. I’d love for you to join me — we are sharing a $20 discount code: BDBWellness for all BDB readers. You can grab your tickets here.


Here’s what you can expect as a participant:

– three breakout sessions covering topics such as Ayurveda, meditation, nutrition, and more.

– a DIY overnight oats bar created by Thirst Juice (yum!)

– lunchtime community acupuncture sessions and an afternoon yoga workshop

– a curated wellness gift bag

The speaker lineup includes Sara DiVello, yoga teacher and author of Where in the OM Am I?, Sarah Kelly and Leah Robert, co-founders of SaltyGirl Boutique, and Emily Griffin, Ayurvedic practitioner and yoga instructor.

I can’t wait to spend the day learning, meeting like-minded people (and seeing old friends), and of course taking a little time to feed my mind, heart, and soul. Will I see you there?

Photo credit: 1/ Jennifer Pallian, 2/ The W.E.L.L. Summit.

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