How to Spend a Snow Day


If there’s going to be a big snowstorm in March, we might as well embrace it! Hopefully Storm Stella will be the last one of the season, so get out there and enjoy. It sure is pretty.

Here are a few ways I’d enjoy the day:

– I’ve been cooking up a storm (see what I did there!) :) My favorite recipes, currently on serious rotation: Smitten Kitchen’s shakshuka (I made this for breakfast today, such a delicious cozy food!), Cookie & Kate’s banana oat pancakes, and also on the menu for today — banana bread! What are some of your favorite snow day recipes? (Also, coffee on repeat. Someone was up a lot last night!)

– Go out for margaritas and tacos at Loco, one of our favorite restaurants. Here is a list of all the restaurants and bars open in Boston.


– Go exploring! The city is so beautiful when covered with a fresh blanket of snow. Since many people have the day off today or are working from home, the streets are fairly empty. We love how quiet and calm the city feels (and how peaceful it looks) when there are few people out and about. Take your camera along, or simply go out for as stroll and enjoy how serene the city is today. (Don’t forget your mittens.)

– Catch up on some reading — or maybe a good show. What are you reading these days? I’m in the market for a new book (does anyone else feel indecisive when it comes to choosing a new book to read?), and today is the perfect opportunity to settle down and choose one. I’m also looking forward to starting Big Little Lies. I read the book, and have heard it’s an entertaining series. Have you seen it yet?

And in case you’re looking to catch up on a little blog reading, here are a few favorites:

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– Have you checked out Restoration Resources yet? Such a cool shop!

How are you spending the day?

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