How Recycle Studio’s Cate Brinch Finds Balance – On and Off the Bike

As a new mom, I’m constantly looking to connect with other moms and learn the ways that they’re finding balance in motherhood. I recently caught up with Recycle Studio owner Cate Brinch and how she is handling motherhood and a full workload with daughter, Brooklyn.

What does a typical day look like for you?

My work week is split between my two studios – I spend Monday, Wednesday, and Friday working from our Back Bay studio at 9 Newbury Street while Tuesday and Thursday working from our South End studio at 18 Union Park Street. It’s a perfect balance for me because I like to be sure I spend time in both studios so I can be hands-on with the operations.

The million dollar question: how do you strike a work / life / motherhood balance? Is there such thing as a balance?

It is hard to find the balance but I am lucky to have a great system in place at this point, almost a year into motherhood. We have a nanny who comes to care for Brook while I am at work so I can be totally in Recycle mode during the workday. Then when I come home I can give her 100% of my focus, which I love. My husband and I also have a standing date night during the week and make a point to be out with friends at least one night each weekend. And I like to take lunch in front of my computer so I can fit my workouts in during “lunch time”. It’s all about making the most out of my days so I can fit everything in because it’s all important!

How has becoming a mother changed you?

I’ve always been a big planner but since becoming a mother, I’ve really taken that to the next level. Even casual dinners need to be planned in advance because you have to book a babysitter. No more grabbing a bite out on a whim! No more jumping into a workout class because I am in the mood. You have to really just map your time out more than I anticipated – bedtime, childcare, etc. are all new factors to work with.

We love how you’re such a supporter of other local businesses. Why does supporting the local community matter to you? Which business owners inspire you and why?

If we don’t support local businesses we will lose the identity of the city. Who wants to see Boston become a city of chains? Not me. As a local business with a great community and following I feel it is my duty to bring awareness of all of the great local options we have in Boston. For example, we hold trunk shows in the studio for great local brands like semi-custom clothing company, Alice Walk or bag-maker Forestbound. And on Valentine’s Day we handed out these unreal handmade artisan chocolates by local Seacoast Sweets. We take advantage of our knowledge of the local business community and we partner with them as much as we can. I am telling you, if you look for it, you can find it made in Boston!

Aside from on the bike, where can we find you? Favorite hobbies?

In the summer you can often find my husband and I sneaking off to Nantucket and in the winter we are skiing as much as possible! Around the city, I love taking Pilates Megaformer classes and going for runs around the Charles River, too. My husband and I have run quite a few half-marathons together; we recently ran one on Nantucket when our daughter was 5 months old!

What are your favorite baby-friendly activities around town?

One of our favorite things to do is to get together with friends for brunch on Sundays. These days, it is easier to just do brunch at each other’s homes and cook a fun spread together. Everyone can bring something and the babies all have free roam of the homes so its much easier than taking them out to restaurants! Also, I have to say we have childcare at both of my studios which is a great activity for moms who don’t have help! Summer Sitters cares for the kids Tuesday and Thursday at our South End studio during the 8:30am ride and Wednesdays during the noon ride at the Back Bay studio.

If you took a 24-hour staycation, what would you do?

A workout would be a part of it because I always feel my best when I get some exercise into my day. So, I’d probably get up and out and take a morning class at one of my studios with my husband. Then grab coffee at one of our favorite spots like Thinking Cup in Back Bay or Wholy Grain in South End. Then take some time to leisurely stroll Newbury Street and pop into all of the great local galleries. Make our way over to the South End to grab a late lunch at Coppa. And a massage would be a must in the mid-afternoon! The day would round out with a relaxing dinner somewhere in Cambridge – if I am indulging I’d say drinks at Backbar and dinner at Journeyman!

We’re so excited for spring. What are you most looking forward to doing come warmer weather?

Boston is such a walkable city and I love that about it! I am really looking forward to leaving my car parked and using my feet to commute more often once the weather warms up!

What’s in your bag?

I always carry a huge bag, usually a Steele Canvas “Studio Sack” I designed with them. In it you’ll find: my laptop, a ThinkThin Chocolate Almond bar, a large bottle of O-Water (electrolyte water we sell at Recycle), a black Shit That I Knit hat and probably a random toy that my daughter tossed in their, too. My bag is always heavy!

Any recipes you’ve been cooking on repeat?

Sweet potato noodles are in heavy rotation at my house! I buy a great spicy pesto that I mix into ground turkey and combine with the noodles then top with pecorino cheese and a dash of Maldon sea salt. So good and so easy.

What’s next for Recycle?

We are launching a bunch of cool things in the spring – one that I am particularly excited about is our Social Sundays. During the month of April we are going to have social events every Sunday morning at our Boston Common studio including champagne, shopping and even some cool theme rides. I know Sundays are a tough day for many to motivate to workout so why not bring the Sunday Funday into the workout so you kill two birds with one stone? We want to do whatever we can to make working out something you really look forward to.

Thanks so much, Cate! Have you been to Recycle? It’s one of our favorite places to go for spin and to reset our minds.

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