A Delightful Dinner at Little Donkey

We had friends visiting from out of town last weekend and we wanted to take them somewhere delicious and new for dinner. Now that we have a baby, we’re out on the town less often (at least late at night!) and it was an opportunity to try a new restaurant. There are so many new places to dine at these days, and my list of restaurants to try is a mile long, but at the top of that list was Ken Oringer and Jaime Bissonnette’s Little Donkey.

Chefs Oringer and Bissonnette are famous for their award-winning restaurants Toro¬†and Coppa, and I’m happy to say that Little Donkey is equally delicious. The global tapas menu combines fresh ingredients, flavorful punches, and just the right amount of spice. As a party of seven, we were able to try many things from the menu, and my personal favorites included:

– the cucumber salad (pictured above) was seriously satisfying. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from this dish. How great can cucumbers be? I was wrong. The feta was perfectly salted, and the buttermilk dressing was so good. This dish was really well balanced, and it went great with some of the heavier plates we chose, like the fried chicken sandwich, which brings me to…

– the pickle brine fried chicken sandwich (pictured below) was incredible. I recently returned from a trip to Charleston, where I ate my fair share of fried chicken (including lunch at the delicious Boxcar Betty’s), and this sandwich was right up there. Often I find that fried sandwiches are too greasy or too salty, and this was neither. The green papaya slaw and ranch paired so nicely with the heat of the jalapeno. I could eat a dozen of these.

– another dish that I was surprised by was the hummus. I don’t know how Little Donkey makes their hummus, but I do know that it was so good. It tasted so fresh and had a nice hint of lemon.

– sausage inside of a roll? Say no more. The parker house rolls are a must-order, especially if you’re in a larger group and can share.

We were seated in the back by the kitchen and I loved watching all the dishes make their way from the kitchen to the dining room. The restaurant had such a nice ambiance. Our meal was just so good – Matt and I are still talking about it – and I for one can’t wait to go back. Maybe we’ll try brunch next?

Have you been to Little Donkey? If so, what was your experience like?

Image credit: 1/ Rachel Leah Blumenthal, 2/ Andrea Merrill, 3/ Andrea Merrill

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