An Update: Milo at 9 + 10 Months

I just put the final touches on Milo’s first birthday invitation and I cannot believe that soon I will have a one year old. It’s just insane! There have been a lot of updates in the world of Milo — most importantly: he’s on the move! He’s officially crawling. He began scooting in mid-March during a visit to Charleston, and quickly ramped up to crawling with his belly off the floor. He’s so quick these days! Almost as suddenly, he started walking. He uses this awesome little walker (such a good value! He loves it!) and makes it from the living room to kitchen in 10 seconds flat. He is so proud of himself and is always looking behind to make sure that I’m watching what he’s doing.

Since he was a newborn, he’s had such strong legs and has always seemed to enjoy bouncing and “standing”. He never wanted to bend his knees to sit. I won’t be surprised if he’s walking before his birthday.

The weather is starting to get warm, and it’s been so lovely to take long walks and spend time outdoors. Yesterday we were over at a friend’s house and all Milo wanted to do was crawl around in the dirt and eat sticks. I’m in for it!

He’s finally starting to show interest in food! Hooray! He really loves teething crackers (especially these and these), and puffs too, of course. He’s also into the pouches these days thanks to this little gadget. Milo is very independent and wants to do everything himself, which I think is partially why it has taken him a little bit longer to show interest in solids. He doesn’t want me to spoon feed him when he can do it himself! He is also drinking lots of water, and started taking a bottle again, which feels like a miracle.

After our big trip to Japan, we are relaxing at home and sinking back into a routine. It feels really good after so much movement. Our trip was wonderful and Milo was such a trooper, but his routine was totally out of whack, and understandably so! His sleep was a mess when we got back (a 14-hour time difference certainly doesn’t help) and he’s finally back into a good sleep routine. I’m looking forward to taking a few long weekend trips this summer but aside from that, staying close to home feels right.

I need to start my convertible car seat search. Right now I’m between this one and this one, but am all ears if you have one you love. We have a tiny hatchback car, and obviously enjoy traveling, so I’m hoping to find something that doesn’t weigh a ton and is relatively small.

In terms of toys, he loves anything that lights up and sings. Music is still his favorite. We’re still getting good mileage out of the Baby Einstein Music Takealong and the Lamaze toys. He loves books! Our current favorites include Planes Go, The Gruffalo, and anything by Sandra Boynton (this one is my favorite). In the end, I think he loves anything with fun sounds!

It’s been such an amazing few months. I feel like we’re both really getting a hang of this mom/son thing, and he’s such a little love. I’m so enjoying spending my days with him. He’s really starting to feel like a little buddy! It’s crazy to me how fast the days go… and the evenings even faster! I’d be okay with time slowing down a little bit… but I know everyone says that. It’s just the truth!

Here’s to being in the present moment and soaking up this sweet 10 month old. xo

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