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I was so intimidated by the prospect of becoming a parent — how can you really be prepared for the immense changes that life with a baby brings? Just thinking of all the things I might need for an infant made my head swim, and imagining how much more challenging this transition would be for women who living in poverty is a sobering thought. The first few years of life are such a crucial time for development, and giving support to new parents and young children is incredibly important.

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This is where local non-profit Room to Grow is making a difference. Room to Grow (with offices in Boston and NYC) is focused on ensuring babies born into poverty have everything they need to learn, grow and succeed in life. Through visits to the Room to Grow Space once every three months, the program provides families with a unique combination of one-on-one parenting education, referrals to other community services as well as all the clothes, toys, books and gear their babies need at every stage during their first three years of development. By focusing on the babies as well as their parents, Room to Grow’s high-touch program has a meaningful and sustained impact. Nine out of 10 babies who complete the program meet all developmental milestones on time and finish the program ready for school.


What an amazing way to give a child and their parents a better chance at success! If you are as struck by the importance of this mission as we are, there are lots of ways to help. One is to donate new or nearly-new items that will be given to the enrolled families. (You can see a full list of accepted items here.) Along with monetary donations, there are also lots of volunteer opportunities. Find out more about this wonderful resource on their website.


P.S. If you would like to get involved in this great organization, consider joining them for the “Celebrating Mothers” breakfast at the Mandarin Oriental, Boston on May 9th! By purchasing to celebrate inspirational mothers you will be supporting an organization that provides a strong foundation for babies being raised in poverty in Boston.

Special guests include Cheryl Cronin CEO of Boston Public Market, Gary Hirshberg, Chairman of Stonyfield Farm, Maura McNamara, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Wellness Consultant, and Jenna Pelletier, Food Editor of Boston Magazine who will discuss healthy eating, access to quality food for all, and positive family meal rituals.


Images courtesy of Room to Grow.

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