Moccasins for Our Littlest Walkers


Milo is pulling up and standing now, and it may not be long before he lets go and takes those first steps on his own — so exciting! Serena runs everywhere she goes, and it’s hard to believe that 8 months ago she was at the same point. Those milestones are so exciting, and it was such a thrill to see how proud Serena was to be walking! Although these days I wouldn’t mind if she would slow down a little bit. ;)

Every once and a while we come across a brand that makes things so much easier. Since Serena’s first steps, she’s been wearing Freshly Picked moccasins — a pair in soft grey was one of her shower gifts. That pair (in size 3) was perfect for those first steps right around 12 months old. Since she was often barefoot or in just socks, I could easily keep the little shoes ready in my diaper bag, packed in the muslin bag they come with, for whenever we stopped at a park or playground and she wanted to practice her walking. Now that Milo is at that age, Natalie has started bringing around a tiny pair of moccasins too — they are so cute.

freshly-picked freshly-picked freshly-picked-first-shoesLately Serena has been wearing a size 5 in rose gold. This past winter they were perfect with thick socks, and now that the weather is getting warmer and she won’t need thick socks for much longer, there is still plenty of room for her growing foot. This is such a sweet color, and easy to dress up or down. She wears them with everything (including at her aunt’s wedding a few months ago!), and gets lots of compliments. Many admiring adults have said they wish they could have a pair for themselves!


Chubby little baby feet are still developing, and walking barefoot lets babies develop the relationships between all of those muscles. Made of soft but strong leather, the moccasins protect her feet from the elements but don’t constrict them, and she can still feel the ground underneath and work on developing her balance. I recently did a big online order of other shoe brands, but none fit quite so well, and they all went back. Instead, Freshly Picked sent us a few new pairs to try, including the Mary Janes in platinum (available up to size 5), which I’m sure will be a mainstay as the weather warms up!

In addition to loving the product, the company has an interesting story as well. Founded by Susan Peterson in 2009 after she struggled to find shoes for her own little ones, the first design was a result of experimenting with scrap leather bought at a year sale. To start the business, Susan literally collected scrap aluminum to be able to buy supplies to make her first moccasins — and now the company has taken off. How inspiring!

If you would like to try a pair for your little one or offer it as a gift, stayed tuned for a giveaway later this week!

Image Credit: Laura Chassaigne and Natalie Kurtzman

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