A Great TV Show

I love finding a good TV show — it is such a nice way to relax in the evenings. Lately we’ve been watching the second season of Master of None, the Netflix-produced show from comedian Aziz Ansari. The first season was enjoyable and some episodes were hilarious and true (especially the episodes “Parents” and “Ladies and Gentlemen”), but the second season is even better.

We find Dev living in Modena, Italy, where he is pursuing his love of pasta (and maybe also running away from a breakup and figuring out what to do with his life). From there the story weaves in Dev’s soul searching amidst a return home to New York, entanglements with a celebrity chef, a cross-cultural love affair, and an epic bromance. But beyond the plot, what impressed me was how the show took risks and focused on narratives and formats that we don’t normally see with conventional TV shows. While there were plenty of laughs, the story was vulnerable and heartwarming — not an easy combination to find. Have you seen any good shows lately?

Image courtesy of Netflix.

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