What are you Looking Forward to this Summer?

new england summer

Although there’s more rain in the forecast next week (ugh), the warm weather feels like it’s finally making its way here… and I’m hoping it is going to stick around. I have the windows wide open today. My kitchen looks out onto our back deck and patio and it is so quiet. Even while living in the city, I feel like I have a sense of tranquility and you can even hear birds chirping.

Today is June 1st, can you believe it? Three months of summer goes way too quickly, and since Milo is almost 1 (oh my god!) and is the most fun to be around, I’m looking forward to plenty of adventures. One of my favorite parts of motherhood is being able to experience things through your child’s eyes. To them, the world is so full of magic and promise to them, and their innocence is heartwarming. It’s just pure love. Milo has this adorable squeal that he does every time he is excited. I can’t wait to share some of my favorite summer pastimes with him and witness him taking it all in.

Here are a few things I’m looking forward to this summer:

– Weekends down in Hull, where my mom’s family has a beach house. We grew up going to this house in the summer, and some of my fondest memories involve scouring the bay for hermit crabs with my cousins, sitting on the deck eating pistachios with my grandfather, and sleepovers where you could hear the score of the baseball game happening just a few blocks away. Now that my grandparents are no longer around, we’re not sure how much longer we’ll have this house. I’m hoping to get down there as much as possible this summer and really soak it in.

– Matt’s uncle has a house down in Provincetown (you may recall that we spent a few weeks there last summer with newborn Milo), and I’m hoping that we have the chance to visit this summer as Milo is a little older. Even though he was so tiny last year, we still made the most of it: fires on the beach, strolls on Commercial Street, and of course lots of delicious food. Now that he’s a little older, going to the beach wouldn’t be as daunting and I’m sure he’d love seeing all the people walking up and down Commercial Street. I’d also love to visit Truro Vineyards. Have you been?

– Eating so many delicious foods like watermelon, strawberries (and making this strawberry milk), greens, and of course corn. What are some of your favorite summer recipes?

– Since Milo is almost walking (and is definitely on the move regardless of whether he can walk or not), I’m excited to explore the city with him. On our to do list: splash pads, playgrounds, carousels, walks along the harbor, and of course our favorite museums on the hot days, including the MFA, Children’s Museum, New England Aquarium and the Museum of Science.

– My brother-in-law Asher lives in Gloucester, and I always wish that we visited him more. Weber loves spending time up in Cape Ann! This summer, I’m hoping for lots of trips up north for lobster rolls, rides on the boat, and time spent at the beach.

– We recently updated our patio with lots of new plants (feels so good) and a new patio set. I’m so looking forward to dinners outside with friends. Now that we have a baby who goes to bed at 7pm, it’s nice to have more space to entertain and relax outside.

What are you looking forward to?

Image credit: 1/ Natalie Chassaigne Kurtzman, 2/ Scott Webb

  1. Wow, lots of fun plans!! We’re expecting our first baby later this month, so that’s what I’m looking forward to most. Hopefully we’ll venture out in July!!

    • Natalie Kurtzman says:

      Congrats, Erica! That is so exciting. Having a baby in the summer is so nice — you can just enjoy being outside. Wishing you lots of good luck! xo

  2. What a perfect summer plan! I’m working on my own summer bucket list right now and couldn’t agree more that summer has a whole new spark through the eyes of kids. Can’t wait for the weather to catch up so we can get to tackling that list!

    • Natalie Kurtzman says:

      Yes! Here’s hoping to we have lots of sunshine and opportunities to use those kiddie pools. Hope to see you and Jane soon! xoxo

  3. Molly Galler says:

    We’ll be orbiting around each other all summer as I’m also looking forward to weekends in Hull (my grandparents still have a house there) and an escape to Truro for a full week! Truro Vineyard is my favorite too!

    • Natalie Kurtzman says:

      I love that! We will have to meet up in Hull for a nice walk along the beach. xoxo