A Few Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Matt is going to be at a bachelor party over Father’s Day weekend, but Milo and I are looking forward to celebrating with him beforehand. Do you have any fun traditions? As I’m thinking of starting some new ones, it’s always great to hear what other people do.

In addition to doing something fun together to celebrate, I was thinking to get a little gift to mark the day. Here are a few ideas I’m thinking of, in case you’re interested.

A personalized book just for him. I love these books (aren’t they the sweetest?), and you know that both dads and kids will cherish this one for years to come. This desk calendar and magnets would also make sweet gifts. I’m trying to be better about printing photos of our little family. In this digital age, it’s easy to never print photos and actually hang them on the wall. I’m trying to be better at this, and having these kinds of mementos is a great way to remember all of the adventures you’ve had together as a family.

A gift box of craft hot sauce for him to try. Matt loves spicy food, and in fact I never ate much of it before we started dating. It only took a few weeks of his influence before I was putting hot sauce and red pepper flakes on most dishes. Hot sauce would be a fun gift that you could share — we love creating new recipes at home, and something like grilled wings or a baked egg dish would really highlight whichever hot sauce we were trying at the moment.

Fun new pair of sunglasses for the summer ahead. Bonus: they’re polarized. Milo has these adorable sunglasses, and I just picked up these for him too. Now the trick is how do you get a baby to keep sunglasses on?! Once I figure that out, I can’t wait for Matt and Milo to be styling together.

– Schedule a babysitter and take him out for a few beers at the new Trillium’s Beer Garden. I personally can’t wai tto check it out. Take him for a bite at Pagu, OstraLittle Donkey, or one of your favorite restaurants.

A new pocket knife. This is a favorite in our family and a true classic.

How do you celebrate Father’s Day? Any great gift ideas?

Photo: Elizabeth LaDuca

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