The Best of Summer

Did you enjoy the first day of summer yesterday? After Milo was in bed, I walked down the street (and up the hill) to meet up with some good friends to take in the summer solstice sunset at Thomas Park. It was a beautiful evening, and there were so many people out enjoying the weather. As the sun began to sink, cotton candy clouds filled the sky and we were seated in the perfect spot, where you could see the city skyline and the water through the trees.

As I was sitting there, I was feeling so grateful. For many things of course — family, good health, a home that I love — but top of mind was the comforts that each season brings. As the seasons change (sometimes slowly, sometimes fast), it’s a gentle reminder that it’s time to shift and lean into the new normal. It allows us time to reflect on what we’d like to do in the season that lies ahead, and perhaps the things that we’d like to change about our current situation. It is a liberating feeling — the newness of a fresh beginning.

I think that is why the fall is my favorite. Even though I am not at school-age or have school-aged children yet, I still get that back-to-school feeling that arises at the beginning of September. Combine that sensation with the brisk air that reminds you just how amazing it is to be alive and the crunch crunch crunch of leaves underfoot that reminds you just how beautiful life can be. Although fall will always have a special place in my world, summer is equally as blissful. Even though this winter wasn’t so bad, it still feels like we’ve worked hard to earn these short thirteen weeks of summer. And we have!

In an effort to help time slow down a little bit, and enjoy more of each season, I’m sharing a few things that I’m really looking forward to this summer, as well as what I’m currently taking time to really enjoy:

– the smell of fresh cut grass. Is there¬†anything better? I was just walking through the Boston Common and the grass was being cut and it was the best reminder of how incredible it is to be able to smell. Aren’t our senses amazing? There are so many sweet summer smells. A few of my other favorites: salty humid air, fresh lemonade, sunscreen, barbecues, blooming flowers.

– taking adventures with my little family of three. We are headed to Vermont next weekend and it’s so exciting for me to share these new experiences with Milo. He is at such a fun age. So curious! We rented a house with ten friends and it is on a little pond, with a big porch and lots of land. It’s on a road with farms (horses!) and it looks so relaxing. I have really wanted to get back into reading these days, and I’m looking forward to this book (just downloaded the audiobook) and finally getting past page 10 of this book.

– having dinner outside as much as possible! Moving meals from our kitchen to our backyard is surprisingly easy, but it’s still something that you have to get into the habit of doing. We eat outside all of the time when we’re entertaining or firing up the grill, but I want to take advantage of our outdoor space and eat outside as much as possible this summer. As the summer heats up, we have this beautiful (albeit aggressive) concord grape vine that gives our outdoor space plenty of shade and privacy. It’s often quiet in our backyard and I really treasure the space in an otherwise busy city.

– evening walks. we recently started taking evening walks in the time after Milo eats dinner and before bedtime. There is often a 45 minute window, and it’s when Matt will have just arrived home. We’ve been putting Milo in the stroller and heading out for a leisurely walk around the neighborhood. We love to stroll up to Thomas Park, or down by the water. We are also really into real estate these days (just browsing, but it’s so fun) and we like to walk by different homes that are for sale, and imagine what it might be like to live there. We love our neighborhood, and in the summer, I’m reminded why. (It’s because we’re in the city and all of the buzz and excitement is so close by, but Southie can feel very quiet and I love that. Plus, we are so close to the water and there are so many families! We have now lived here for 7.5 years. It definitely feels like home.)

– spontaneous adventures! Throughout our ¬†relationship, Matt has always brought out my spontaneous side. My birthday is in August and I’m thinking we might take a little trip somewhere… but not sure where yet! It could be somewhere close to home or somewhere else… and it might be a last minute decision! Wherever we end up, and whatever we do, I know we’ll have an adventure. I love how this time of year makes us more spontaneous and it feels like anything is possible.

– picnics, everywhere, all the time!¬†picnics are one of my favorite summer activities, especially with a toddler. You can literally picnic anywhere, and these days I’m carrying a blanket around in my stroller so that we are ready all the time. I like to find a shady spot, bring a few toys, snacks, and just relax in the summer breeze. Now the trick is to keep the baby close by, as he gets more and more mobile! I hope to meet friends for picnics this summer as much as possible.

What are you looking forward to this summer? How will you make the most of it? xo

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