A Look Inside Whole Foods Sudbury

Whole Foods Sudbury Whole Foods Sudbury

Did you know that Laura and I lived in Sudbury for ten years? I have the fondest memories of playing in our back yard (we had the most beautiful meadow) and in the little house that our Dad built for us. We had an idyllic childhood and I think in many ways, Sudbury was a big reason for that.

We have since lived in Cleveland, Wellesley, and a whole host of other places before returning to Boston, but there’s no denying that Sudbury will always have a piece of our hearts. I recently drove back out to Route 20 to check out the brand new 45,000 square foot Whole Foods on Boston Post Road in Sudbury.

Laura and I both love shopping at Whole Foods. I am at the Ink Block location a few times each week, at least. I love the smoothie bar, and of course the cheese counter and fresh produce. The Ink Block location also has a fantastic selection of beer, wine, and spirits. I actually really enjoy grocery shopping. I find it calming (especially when I am alone or have a cooperative baby) to meal prep and go to the store with a list in hand. If I am not in a rush, I will slowly peruse each aisle to see if there are any new brands I should try.

So, you can imagine my excitement in checking out the newest New England Whole Foods location in Sudbury. The building was just built from the ground up and the store is beautifully designed. The aisles are wide and there’s plenty of space to peruse.

Whole Foods SudburyWhole Foods Sudbury Pressed

A few highlights:

Pressed has a bar in the store! I was so, so, so excited to see this as their avocado toast is one of my favorite things to eat (the balsamic drizzle is amazing). It is wonderful to see local businesses thrive and grow. Customers can choose from a selection of pre-assembled salads and juices, or order from the bar.

– Sudbury customers can get their dose of chickpea fritters and rosemary fries thanks to Clover Food Lab, who has a stand in the Sudbury Whole Foods. I am glad I don’t live that close to this store, or else I’d be in trouble!

Whole Foods Sudbury Whole Foods Sudbury Whole Foods Sudbury

– Do you love mochi? I am a big fan of the texture of the rice exterior and of course, I love anything with ice cream. This store offers self-serve mochi and also has a self-serve macaron station. Yummy!

– The Whole Body section was a good size, and I saw a few new brands in addition to many that I’m familiar with like Tom’s of Maine and Acure Organics.

When I find myself in Sudbury, you can bet that I’ll be stopping in to this Whole Foods to stock up on all the essentials and grab a bite at Pressed and Clover. Which reminds me, I should pop over to the store to stock up on blueberries — so good right now! They also feature a ton of really great summer recipes on their website. How good does this Mediterranean orzo salad sound?

Do you like grocery shopping? What are the essentials always on your grocery list? I always buy yogurt, milk, eggs, bananas, cereal, ice cream (massive sweet tooth, over here!) and When Pigs Fly rye bread.

This post was sponsored by Whole Foods Market, but as always, all opinions are my own. We love and shop at Whole Foods regularly.


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  1. Tali says:

    Wow there’s so much! I’m excited about Pressed, Clover fries and self serve macaron. I also love the ceiling. Can’t wait to check it out!