A Day at the Franklin Park Zoo

franklin park zooLast week, Milo and I headed to the Franklin Park Zoo with my sister, Carolyn and my mom. I have been wanting to check out the zoo for awhile now. Milo might still be a little bit on the young side, but he still enjoyed it and I’m excited to take him back when he’s a little bit older.

Franklin Park Zoo

Here are some highlights from our day at the Franklin Park Zoo:

The zoo itself isn’t that big, which is nice, especially on a hot summer day. There’s plenty to see, but you’ll only need two hours to explore.

It might just be me, but some zoos give me an icky feeling, do you know what I mean? You don’t always feel like the animals are as well taken care of as they should be or the grounds aren’t that clean. This was maybe my favorite part about the Franklin Park Zoo — everything was so clean! The animals seemed genuinely happy and well-loved. There was ample staff walking around and in the exhibits taking care of animals. It felt like a really nice place, and a happy environment for the animals.

We loved seeing the Nigerian dwarf goats — there was even a little baby in the nursery! There is a small corral area where you can go in and pet the goats and guinea hogs.

Franklin Park ZooFranklin Park Zoo

Serena and Milo love to climb! There were several play structures at the zoo, and some looked great for older kids. If you have a zoo membership, I would imagine that you’d pop in just to visit the various play areas.

Milo went on his first ever carousel ride! He was having a great time until the carousel began moving… :) It is such a joy to experience the many firsts alongside him. (Note: the carousel costs $3 per child, adults ride free.)

We didn’t have time to ride the train, but Milo was super excited every time it drove by. It looks like such a fun way to explore the zoo with little ones — and it gives them a break from walking.

Franklin Park ZooFranklin Park Zoo with kids

A few notes:

– If you have small children, I’d recommend bringing a stroller. The park is large enough that it’s nice to give them a chance to rest.

– Parking is free, and there’s plenty of it.

Upcoming events at the Franklin Park Zoo:

The zoo has a ton of special events and trainings, in addition to the regular exhibits. A few that we’d love to try:

– Have breakfast with the slowest mammal, the sloth! Enjoy a continental breakfast and get an up close look at these cute and furry animals. Or am I the only one that thinks they are cute?! Details here.

– This August, celebrate World Lion Day at the zoo with lion-themed arts and crafts, zookeeper chats, and more. Costumes and masks are encouraged!

– The zoo offers many programs for children, including this playgroup for kids ages 18 months – 3 years.

– Support the zoo at the 8th annual Brew at the Zoo! The 21+ event allows guests to explore the zoo after hours, sip a variety of beers, and support the zoo’s operation.

Have you been to the Franklin Park Zoo? What did you think?

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